Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 We gotta get everything in.  Summer is moving quickly.
My neighbor showed me this POPULAR fun toy.  (Thank you, Elaine).  She brought her few years old one over to my house.  I found it on Amazon, read all the reviews, and ordered one (and also a Christmas gift so I would get free shipping).

This has been a HUGE hit with Logan. 
But first, the reviews.  The rockets are junk.  Most of the reviews said that.  I agree.  I left mine in the shipping box.  (After all, one ALREADY had a broken broken fin :( 
It comes with a stand.  Kinda junk.  (Still in the box :(
I know.  It sounds like I paid for junk.  NO!
The thing you stomp on and the tube you put your rockets on are worth every penny (and nickle, dime, quarter and dollar).   Elaine showed me how to make great rockets with typing paper (500 sheets for under $3.00) and mailing tape (or masking tape, or any tape).


Doug cut 1 foot lengths of flexible tubing.  (Enough for 10 rocket makers.)
 Each rocket needs 1 piece of paper, decorated or not, and tape.

Roll the paper around the tube (same diameter as launching tube)
and tape shut.  It can be hand decorated on the tube now.
Fold one end to a point and tape it shut.

Now we have an unlimited supply of rockets to launch on our
 very fun rocket launcher that dear son in law, David, modified :)
My grandson, Logan, wants to play rockets with his cousins, and I want this to last many years, so my son in law, David, made a frame for me.  Thank you, David.  This looks great.  (If you want a supply list and measurements for the "frame" David made, let me know.

I joined the party at Nothing but Country and Spunky Junky .  Thank you for inviting us to share.


Leslie said...

I'm 27 and still had to have my turn to shoot a rocket.

Lindsay Quinney said...

The kids are already loving it!

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