Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I (FINALLY) Finished A Fun Project!

About 5 years ago I bought a PVC Puppet Theatre at a yard sale ($2.00).  The fabric was worn, but the bones of it were great.  About the same time I picked up 4 curtain panels ($2.00) at a thrift store for our theatre.  Then it sat in the back corner of my garage for FIVE years.  Last week I pulled it out and washed the PVC theatre.  I rewashed the curtains, cut and hemmed them to fit, and added new shower curtain rings ($1.29 My total cost was $5.50 (tax on hooks:) but only $1.50 this year).  (My son in law said he thinks to buy the PVC elbows, tees and pipes would be under $15.00.)

With fanfare I presented the finished Theatre and container of puppets to Logan.  WHAT A HIT!  There have have been puppet shows and comedy and drama all week.
It takes a pretty big space in the family room, but when I put it away for another play day, it folds flat.  (Unfortunately the container of puppets won't fold flat :(

Another project finished.  I am now looking for a fish shower curtain so we can play fishing games, too, with our PVC theatre.

If you want a supply list, measurements and design of our theatre.  Let me know.


Lindsay Quinney said...

Logan is not the only one who has been enjoying the puppet theater. It has been so great watching his imagination in action!!

Emily said...

Logan has done some great shows but Christy and Leslie were the most entertaining!

Leslie said...

Christy and I were forced into puppet labor. Okay, Leslie you do the curatins this time and Christy and I will do the puppets. Now Christy does curtains. Last one Logan. But I have to do curtains now. Okay one more... Funny funny boy.

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