Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 "You can do anything you please.  It's the way it's done that makes the difference."  Saint-Gaudens

10 Things That Made Me Happy
July 2011

#1  PINTEREST - Just barely started, but I LOVE it.   (More about this next week.)

#2  Central Air (plus ceiling fans) = Never too hot :)

#3  In getting ready for "FLEA.O.LOGY", I got TONS of my garage cleaned.  (I just need to do the grandkid projects that need the 5 VERY BIG EMPTY BOXES I have saved.  Then they can be recycled :)

#4  "FLEA O LOGY" was last Saturday.  I made about 1/2 the money at this sale as the one in May, but I had fun.  Leslie went with me to help, and Hilary and Lindsay (bitsandpieces) went and sold their clippies and onsies. The weather, company and setting were pleasant.
I am working on, and looking forward to the September sale.   

I bought some fun stuff.  A seller had some feminine pieces that used flowers and lace and...  I traded for a bracelet that I really like.
I bought a fun vintage make-up travel case.  Too bad there are all the luggage rules and fees.  I would love to travel with vintage luggage.  (Except that it is heavy, awkward and inefficient.  And I would not want it ruined.) My mom used to have this set of luggage :)

#5  A while ago I found a fun shoe craft on bluebirdvintage's blog.  Cute, huh.
I bought the shoes when I found the idea, and finally finished them THIS week.
The only supplies I bought were cheap white tennies for $5.00 and black shoe laces.  I used black acrylic paint, thick and thin black permanent markers and a few small brushes and foam brushes.  An easy and fun project. 
BUT, my kidults are unimpressed.  As a child I really wanted to wear patent leather shoes to school, but I had to wear saddle shoes.  They were sturdier and more practical for girls in a large family.  sigh 
#6  My van was broken.  Again.  Now it is fixed and for under $100.00 (which included an oil change :)
Hopefully it passes inspection this week.

#7  Hilary told me about a fun game.  I found and bought it.  I have been playing it with Logan, and am really looking forward to playing this game at our big family parties.  (I will show the game on "What I Buy Wednesday" this week.)  While I was on Amazon, I also did some Christmas shopping.

#8  Our new pergola is closer to being finished.    Then back to eating outside.

#9  Book club was at my house in July.  I really book club and the friendships.  I will post what I have been reading this summer another time.

#10  I have enjoyed walking to Lindsay and David's house with Doug and Leslie.  (Not the up hill part.)  Good exercise and great company and conversations.  (Of course we do have to get a ride back home.)

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Lindsay Quinney said...

It was so nice just hanging out at the FLEA-O-LOGY thing. And it really is so great that we live so close to each other that we can walk/run to each others houses!

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