Thursday, July 21, 2011



We were busy planning a family camping trip and Hilary told us about a fun activity they had at girl's camp (Thank-you, Tara).   I HAD TO HAVE ONE!
We found them at REI (an outdoor/sports store?), but not the one near us.  I checked on Amazon and the price was the same.  (I ordered a DVD for a Christmas gift and got the free shipping.)

Remember the fun snipe hunts you had when you were younger?  And the ones you planned when you were older?  I bought "Snipes".  Gotta say we love them.  (I do wish they were furry, but more about that later.)

They are from a company called "Educational Outdoors".  The game comes with 2 snipes and their "nest".  The snipes are about 4 in. long and 3 inches tall.  (Small)  They are green and orange-ish.  The nest is green.  (The nest is actually the base.)  All are a hard plastic.

Here is the game.  Hide the snipe (or snipes) for the other person/team to find.  After a few minutes the critters start to chirp intermittently.  After another 5 mins. of snipe hunting the eyes began to flash.  It will chirp and flash until returned to it's nest (or the batteries die).

This fun toy/game comes in a "crate" with holes for breathing and live animal warnings (cute).
Each snipe uses 2 AAA batteries (Yea!  I hate buying the cell/disc type.).
Ideal for outside in a yard or camping trip, inside or out, light or dark. 
Recommended for ages 6+, BUT my 3 year old grandson loves this and wants to play-often.
The instructions are short and easy to understand. 
It sells for between $18.00-$25.00.

(I would post my pictures but it is already Thursday night so I will use Amazons :)
I have NOT been paid or compensated.  We just love our snipes.  (I am happy to answer questions.)

Next week, another summer toy. 

Snipe Game


Emily said...

My favorite was when I hid it in my pocket and Logan couldn't quite figure it out:)

Zion And Missy said...

I do remember our little hunts on our camping trips. They don't do that back East, they have never even heard of them. Too provided lots of entertainment when we were little. :)

Matt and Carolyn said...

That sounds so fun!

Hilary said...

So fun! Can't wait to play with the cousins!

MaryBeth said...

That looks so fun. I'm glad you are back posting. I enjoy your posts.

sbdunn said...

One time at Girls Camp (when I was a leader) I wrapped a pinecone in my sweater (the big kind) and told the girls I caught a snipe. I "accidently" dropped my sweater and the girls heard the pine cone rolling away and they chased after the "snipe". They never found it. LOL! This is soooo much better!

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