Sunday, October 4, 2009

September 28-October 4, 2009

I am doing this by myself, since there is no one here:0)
As always, these are not in order of importance.

1. Doug took a vacation day on Monday. We did not spend much of the day together. I had carpools and a Dr. appt. ((Stupid cholestrol. Not something that made me happy.) Doug mowed the lawns and worked in the garden. Doug took Monday off because he knew he would be working all day Saturday and Sunday on year-end reports. So sad. Thursday night Doug rubbed my back for 30 mins. Thank-you, honey.

2. I love our fleece sheets. This week turned cold (at least cool), so when I changed the sheets-I put the fleece ones on. Not too hot (like flannel). Not too cold (like cotton). Just right!

3. I love Downey Wrinkle Release. Tuesday was ironing day. I got 46 things ironed. About 15 of those ironed were just sprayed and stretched. Ta da.

4. I had book club at my house this week. I tried 2 new recipes from mom Johnson. I made her Asian Salad with bok choy and Napa cabbage, and a Key Lime Margarita pie. They both were great. Mark scrubbed the kitchen floor for book club :0)

5. Since book club was at my house, I got most of my Hallowwen decorations out, and up.

6. We celebrated Lincoln's birthday this week. At midnight on his birthday we went to Denny's. He sat in his booster seat on the way there, but not the way home. On Friday we met his family at Pirate's Island (in Orem) for a birthday dinner. The place was quite fun. We will go back there. We also saw our cousin, Christopher leaving as we went in. Fun.

7. After Lincoln's birthday dinner Hilary, Logan and I drove Emily and Lindsay over to the BYU game. (We won.) Anyway, the thing that made me happy was that Hilary took Logan shopping at Big Lots while I went to the Provo D.I. I did not go to the D.I. at all in September. (Yea for me.) The thing that really made me was that I found a 2 hole punch. I have really really been wanting one. Debbie, you do not need to have David find one for me.) Also, I only spent $4.oo at the D.I.

8. Leslie came home from her cruise. Hilary and I picked her up at the airport Friday night. Well, we got to the airport on Friday night. We waited in the parking lot for 2+ hours. (Her flight was delayed until "Saturday":( I am glad she is back.)

9. I love my family room. It worked great for General Conference Week-end. It is a real holiday for our family. Emily and Hilary had all their beads in the family for everyone to make bracelets. (They have TONS.) They were so generous. Leslie made a glow-in-the-dark Halloween bracelet for me, and Hilary made 2 bracelets for me. Everyone enjoyed the week-end project. Which brings me to...

10. ...General Conference Week-end. I love it. I love that we can spend the week-end hearing the words of our Prophet and leaders-in jammies. I especially love our family traditions. The men go to Priesthood and then we have ice cream after. This year Emily and Hilary bought tickets for everyone to see both Toy Story movies in 3-D. My very favourite part is omelets on Sunday after the morning session. There were 14 of us. Every single family member, except for Doug-at work, was there. (+ Lincoln and Ari) (We count Ashley as family already.) (Layne got to come this time, too.) YEA! I am so happy everyone could, and would, come. Thank-you family for a great week-end. WAIT! We still have Monday off. More about that next week;0)

I decided to record "10 things that made me happy" each week as journal entries. I hear sad things from family and friends, and I know happiness and blessings need to be looked for, acknowleged and gratitude expressed. I mentioned it to my sister, Debbie, and she told me about her friend, Ashlee's 10 things list. Thank-you Debbie (and Ashlee).

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Lindsay Quinney said...

Good job doing it yourself! I really like reading your 10 things each week. Love you!

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