Sunday, October 11, 2009

5 October, 2oo9 - 11 October, 2oo9

Ahh, good week.

As always these 1o things that made me happy are not in order of importance. There are many things and moments that made me happy or feel blessed, but I can just pick 1o.

#1.I love my fleece sheets - still. Thank-you, Wendy C. for telling me about them. (If one of my children help me I will include a picture of my bed made with my fleece sheets.)

#2.I made banana bread with my Amish friendship bread this week. Good banana bread. I got my first start from Jean D. about 2 months ago. Last Sunday she brought over another start so that I will be able to make the bread every 5 days (about). I enjoy working on it every day, and trying new variations. Thank-you, Jean. (My new crock pot recipe this week was chicken, stuffing and gravy.)

#3. Snow White came out on DVD. Leslie got a $10.00 coupon on line. She was able to print 6 for me. Since Wal-mart had it on sale for $2o.oo, I GOT IT FOR $1o.oo!!!! Not only that, but it hadthe DVD and BLU-RAY discs together. (thinking Christmas:0)

#4. Great Harvest 9 grain bread makes me happy. It is low in fat, high in fibre and protien, and tastes wonderful. Especially toasted. Emily (and sometimes Hilary) brings home a loaf for us about every 5 days. Thank-you, thank-you.

#5. My girls are great team players. We pick things up for each other all the time. Hilary found something I had been wanting and she surprised me with it. But, the bottom line is, that is a story for another day.

#6. I have a really hard time falling asleep. A really hard time. About 2 years ago I saw a movie called, "Ladies in Lavender". The movie was o.k. The music/soundtrack was amazing. I was moved each time I heard certain pieces. I love the violin pieces. For atleast a year I have listened to it almost every night as I (try to) fall asleep. It is so relaxing to me. I love the "Ladies in Lavender" soundtrack.

#7. This week-end there was an antique show. I went with Wendy. Some people like going to movies, or out to lunch. My idea of great fun and entertainment is an antique show. I saw a fireplace surround from the early 19oo's. I want it. Since my addition is complete and decorated, there are lots of things that I like, but don't need to buy. There is not a place for the very nice fireplace, so I could leave without it.

#8. Saturday was a wonderful day. Our sweet Lincoln was baptised. I sure love him and his family. His dad, Abraham, baptised him. Doug was one of the witnesses. Madison, McKenna and Ari sang. Madison played the piano. It was a special day. We went to Lincoln's house for a great lunch, afterwards.

#9. Karyn came to visit us for the week. Mark and I picked her up at the train station at 3:45 a.m. Good thing we were on time. We could not find her, and "they" kept telling us everyone that was getting off, was off. O.K. We'll look again. Nope, not here. Turned out that she was still asleep in the sleeper car ;0) They woke her up and she barely made it off before the train left. It will be fun having her visit us.

#10. "AMAZING RACE". It is a fun "race around the world" show. We sort of watch it together. We are together, and we sort of watch it. Just a fun time that we are all together. We pick teams, have dessert , (sometimes dinner and/or dessert are related to the country of the week) and visit. I like family time.

As always, no wagering as to what will be on my list, and you can earn a place here ;0)

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IamTK09 said...

awww i didnt know that my mom almost didnt make it off the train. how sad. im glad you guys were there though. praise God.

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