Saturday, October 24, 2009

19 October - 25 October, 2oo9

#1 My number 8 from last week is my #1 this week. Mark bought a ring for Ashley.

#2 Number 1 this week is easily overshadowed by #2. Mark and Ashley got engaged on Saturday. Yea!
Ashley's mom gave Mark the idea of asking her at Disneyland. She took care of their flights (She works for Jet Blue.). Thank-you so much, Angela.
I called Aunt Carol, and she picked them up at the airport and took them to Disneyland. She went back to Disneyland to pick them up and take them back to the airport. They were flying standby - and the flight had filled up. They knew that could happen, and planned on just sleeping at the airport. Ashley felt a little nervous about that. Aunt Carol invited them to spend the night, and she took them to the airport early Sunday morning. THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, Aunt Carol.
YEA! Ashley will be in our family :0D

I usually try to list "10 things that made me happy" in the order they happened in the week. (Hence the "not in any particular order".) But this week, number 1 and 2 were pretty important.

#3 After having sinus headaches for the last month +, I got a cold. Yea! The cold is getting better, but my sinus' are feeling a lot better. Better than I have in a month :O)

#4 My recipes this week were both great. I made lemon coconut AFB (Amish friendship bread). I love the lemon pudding flavour best , so far. On Monday I am going to use the AFB to make waffles.
My crock pot recipe this week was great. I made creamy herb chicken. It is low in fat, and I have several ways to expand on the recipe.

#5 WinCo did not disappoint me. The bulk section was all that I remembered. Mark picked up sesame seeds and poppy seeds (for lemon poppy seed AFB) when he and friends went one night. During my 3 visits last week (What can I say, chicken breasts were 98 cents a pound, bananas were 18 cents...) their coupons and ad prices were very good. The store was a very crowded zoo, but very fully staffed and polite. I got the ad in the mail. I will at least keep going for their bulk as I watch the overall prices and sales.

#6 Leslie checked out 2 books on tape (oops, cd) for me, and then loaded them onto my Zune. Thank-you, Leslie.

#7 I saw a fun play at Hale Centre Theatre with Leslie and Christy. It was "CURTAINS", a musical mystery. I had never seen it before and really enjoyed it. Probably my favourite this season. Also, the last production of the season.

#8 Emily and Hilary have been working on a long term project that has stressed them out a bit. I am so happy the project is completed :-D
#9 I am very happy to have a main floor laundry room. I can not believe how much easier it is. I am always happy that we have a washer and dryer, that work. What a great time to be alive. There are so many things that make my life easier, and/or fun.

#10 I found out that my niece, Krista Lynn (Wood) is going to school in Orem. So is her cousin, Sarah (my cousin, Roy's daughter). With Cristopher, that gives me 3 relatives plus Christy there. More people to invite to Sunday dinner. I don't like the work before Sunday dinner, but, I love Sunday dinner with family.


Kristin said...

Hillcrest is doing Curtains this year for their Musical. It is just off Broadway and the Hale Center was the first to do it in Utah and Hillcrest is the second. I am glad to hear you liked it. Madeleine has been gone a lot working hard on it.

I am also excited for Mark and Ashley!!

Leslie said...

YAY for Winco and Tillamook cheese and Tillamook ice cream!!! I love oregon strawberry!!!! I love bulk!!! I have missed you Winco!!!!!

Lindsay Quinney said...

Can you believe we went to Winco three times last week and not at all this week? Crazy! They need to send out more coupons!

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