Saturday, October 17, 2009

 12 October - 18 October, 2009

#1 Karyn came to stay with us for the week. I had a very nice visit with her. Mark gave her his room, and he slept at Justin's house. (Mark has not missed one class since school started.)
While Karyn was here we went D.I. shopping, to a movie and to the canyons to see the fall colours. We went to Sam's Club for a jacket for Karyn and to Kohl's. We went to Lindsay and David's on Monday for dinner (Hilary did pizza) and "Heros". We watched several movies at my house, and Leslie gave us pedicures.
Christopher came up from Provo on Wednesday for dinner and to visit.

#2- Termeers are in New york City with Michael's family this week. I wish I was there. Or at least that I knew all the details. BUT, from the limited chats that we have had, things seem to be going well. That really makes me happy. :0) :0)

#3-My Amish friendship breads are doing great. This week I made an island bread. (It was supposed to be pina colada, but I could not find the coconut pudding. So I did banana pudding and pineapple and -hey, who finished the coconut? I called a neighbor who gave me some that she had borrowed from another (now moved) neighbor. Thank-you Elaine AND Noelle.) For my crock pot recipe this week I did a rerun for a big family dinner on Wednesday. I made a favourite, cream cheese chicken with rice and/or noodles. Still a favourite of everyone, except Elana who does not like cassaroles or "white chicken".

#4- Charles, Elana and Layne moved this week. They live in the same building as Lindsay, David and Logan, now. Elana has done a great job getting it all put together.

#5 Since Charlie and Elana moved, we could take their washer and dryer anmd desk out of the garage, and to their new apartment. When Christopher came to visit, he took the things we stored for him over the summer. My garage is now emptier. Yea! My goal is to be able to put my car in the garage by Halloween (first time since we started the addition :-)

#6 We had stake conference at the Conference Centre today. It was so relaxing. We left at 9:oo, and did not have nursery. I love nursery, but some days it really wears us out, and since most of us have a little cold, it was nice.
thank-you .

#7 Sweet potato fries make me happy. They are quite healthy (baked with a bit of olive oil and spices) and so flavourful. Too bad they have to cook in a single layer. It cuts down on quantity. The odd thing is that my kids don't like sweet potatoes, but they love my fries.

#8 ?????More about this one later!!!!!

#9 WinCo opens in Midvale tomorrow morning. I first met WinCo in Oregon when we went to pick up Leslie at the end of her mission. We loved the grind your own peanut butter and the H U G E bulk department. I will be really happy if WinCo is the same as the one I went to.

#10 Leslie did almost all of Sunday dinner today. Thank-you, Leslie and Christy. I got a Sunday nap.


Lindsay Quinney said...

What is this about you not posting a number 8? Also, I do not like sweet potatoes or sweet potato fries!

Kristin said...

I really want to go to Winco and I didn't know Charles and Elana moved. So are they next door to Lindsay? Now we can look for both of them every time we drive by.

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