Monday, March 26, 2012


Well, probably I was the only one who enjoyed it.  We were invited by the NIELSEN FAMILY to spend a week with them.  This is the 3rd time (in 25 years) that we have been invited, and apparently it is very rare to be asked more than once.  (Probably I was the only one who really enjoyed it, but the other 3 people living here did a great job recording everything and every bit of their tv viewing.)

There have been a few things that I have watched on TV lately that I have enjoyed.

A few months ago we had a "free preview" of Showtime.  One of the movies I dvr-ed was "ONDINE"  I really enjoyed it.  I loved the music and the scenery of Ireland (and the accents), but what really got my attention was that I watched it knowing nothing about it-and had no clue where it would go.
I have tried to delete it, but have not.  (I got the idea of watching it again with my husband, but it is not his kind of movie.  (Actually, I don't think he likes movies.)  So I asked if he would watch about 10 minutes with me every few nights.  He is usually tired and about to go to sleep, so it is working :)
I think I may buy the DVD.

I am (finally) watching Season 2 of DOWNTON ABBEY (PBS).  I loved Season 1, and could hardly wait for the next season.  It does not work to watch it on Sunday, and I hate waiting for the new episodes, so I DVR-ed the new season and saved it until I was not so busy.  (I am TRYING to watch them slowly but...)  I really  really like DOWNTON ABBEY.

Probably my favourite TV show is "BONES"   I enjoy the relationships and humour and quirky characters. And I like procedural shows.   (Although regular LAW & ORDER is my go to when I am stressed/overwhelmed/tired.)

BONES did a spin off called "THE FINDER"  I was not expecting much, but gave it a try and have really liked it (more quirky characters :).

What do you watch?  Something you never miss?


Emily said...

Unfortunately I have way too many favorite shows...

Lisa said...

Just had to say that I loved Downton Abbey!

sbdunn said...

I discovered Bones on Netflix a couple months ago and love it! I ended up getting Hulu plus to watch season 7 because Netflix stops at 6.
I also really like Once Upon A Time.

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