Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I am making my grandsons' Christmas gift this year.  My 2 grandsons are almost 4 and almost 7.  The perfect ages for the gift I am making.  It has lots of parts and pieces.  This week I am making one complete part of the gift.  (I will show you more next week.)

The first thing I bought were 2 sets of (the black) FUNNELS at the Dollar Store.  (Two sets give me 2 of each of the three sizes.  There are 3 different sized funnels in each set.)
While I was there I also picked up a couple of rolls of DUCT TAPE. (No picture.  Needed at a later date.)

This is one set.
Next we headed to HOME DEPOT with one set of the funnels.
I bought 2 rolls of clear PLASTIC TUBING (because I am making 2 sets).  (It was in the plumbing area near the back of the store.)   Make sure that your tubing is at least 10 feet long.  (Mine is 25 feet long.)  Before you actually pick your tubing, make sure that the end of one (of the 3) funnel(s) will fit snuggly into the tubing.
20 feet of clear plastic tubing.
Yep, we made walkie talkies/a phone/communication device...
With 2 sets (of 3) funnels you can make 3 phone sets, BUT the tubing sizes will be different for each phone.

I made these for grandsons to play with at our house this summer.  (I used white funnels, but decided to use black for the boys.  More manly :)  Plus they will look cleaner.)  I surprised Logan by putting a "funnel" outside the door when they were on their way for Sunday dinner.  We were working in the kitchen when we hear, "Hello?  Is someone there?"
These have GREAT reception.  (It may take a bit of time for younger children to to learn "on your EAR to LISTEN.  On your MOUTH to TALK" :)   It is always a fun toy to bring out.  Layne and Logan will enjoy having their own as part of their Christmas gift.
The funnels are $1.00 per set of 3.  The tubing is about $7.00-$10.00.

We have lots of fun playing with the
funnel phoneswith our grandsons.
CAUTION- The tubing is a choking/strangulation danger.  We use this with adults (under supervision) and put it away in a container when not in use.

I tried a new bread recipe this week that we loved.  I will share the recipe either this week or next, as well as a few things we have done with kids-in the kitchen.

I am getting ready to do a GIVE A WAY for my blog followers in November.  (Think Christmas.)
As always, I love to hear from you.  Have you tried a recipe or craft?  Let us know.
Thank you for stopping by.    Michelle


Lindsay Quinney said...

What a fun activity. So much better than a can and a string!

Zion And Missy said...

Love this idea. I will have to make a set of these. The kids rooms are down the hall from each other and it would be fun for them to use them while they are both in their rooms. :) Again, great post.
Do you have a recipe for some easy to make bread without a bread maker?

michelle's 10 things said...

These are VERY fun.
I tried a great bread recipe last week that I need to try 1 more time before I post it.

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