Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Work to be grateful the tragedies in our lives not directly related to the choices we have made. (Adapted from a thought I like by Josi Kilpack.) 

#1  I (finally) watched "UP".  (My DVD got a scratch on it the first month we bought it, so I watched it on the Disney Channel on the night of of a late, home football game.)  I really liked the beginning and especially the end.  The silly talking dog plot?  Way coulda done without.  I DO understand that I am in the minority here. 

I wanted to watch it after visiting our local "UP" HOUSE.  Yep.  The "UP" HOUSE.  A local builder built it for a home show.  Lindsay and I headed over to see it with the grand kids for a play date.  (It was not open that day, but Lindsay and David were able to go in an open day with the kids.)
It was fun to see with Logan.  (I had not seen the movie, yet.)

#2  I try to try 5-10 new recipes a week, from various sources.  I have been hand copying/writing them. 
 Leslie has started printing them for me.  (I still write some.)  Saves me lots of time :)

#3  I tried 4 new crock pot recipes for dinner this Sunday.  One was a BIG hit.  Several asked that it be put on my 30 Day Rotation.  (Of course that means that 3 are gone.  Not terrible.  Just never repeated.)
I will share the recipe next week.

#4  My nephew, Jordan, returned from a 2 year church mission to Chile.  It was great to welcome him at the airport, and then later hear him share his experiences and testimony.

#5  I was able to visit the temple with family, and a nephew, Alex, who is preparing to leave on a mission to California.  We went to the Salt Lake Temple (first time at that temple for one kidult) and had a special evening.  (Minus my sinus infection/chest cold induced asthma attack.  SO EMBARRASSING:-(
(Mom and Dad took us to Crown Burger after.  Darn New York City for making me love pastrami.)

#6  My mom got bumped from her flight (with compensation) and came to spend another night with us. 
My nephew, Christopher, who lives an hour south of us, came up to visit her and have dinner with us.  It meant a lot to my mom.  Thank you, Christopher.

#7  When we built our addition, we lost our kitchen window (and quite a bit of light).  Last summer I bought 2 "SOLAR SKYLITE"s.  David installed them for us during his vacation.  THANK YOU, DAVID.  Love the extra light. 
(If only I had bought more.  The price was great.)

#8  Hilary and I took a 2 month class on aprons with our woman's church group (Relief Society).  (Leslie is making one at home.)  It has been fun to see Hilary learn, and like, to sew.  (Wonder what she will get for Christmas?)  I could not get a good picture of my apron, but it is cute :)

#9  Winter is blowing thru for a few days, (That is not what makes me happy.) signaling the end of the harvest.  Tomatoes will all be collected tonight and carefully stored (and watched) for indoor ripening.  The basil will be  picked and put in olive oil for a few weeks to make basil infused oil.  (Thank you, Henry.)
It was a good garden and growing season.  Thank you, Honey, for all your hard work.
(The good news is that warm weather will return for Halloween weekend.)

#10  Peanut butter is going up in price.  UGH!!!  That is a real staple at our home.  (Doug takes a peanut butter and honey sandwich every day for lunch.  Has most of our marriage :)   We use a 64 oz. jar (4 lb.) every 2-3 weeks. 
I found 4 jars at my regular $6.78 price (Only 4 after visiting 3 of the regular stores.)  and was able to order 15 jars at $8.06.  (An extra $.1.28 per jar ($19.20 for the 15).)  I am happy to have 19 jars (plus 3 I already had).  I love emergency preparedness.  And planning ahead. 

As always, these are in no particular order. (I have at least another 10 for next week.)
Tomorrow I will share what I am making my grandsons for Christmas.  (A great idea that was shared with me.)


Lindsay Quinney said...

I can't wait for you to post the chicken recipe. It was so good and I will definitely be making it once you post the recipe. I thought the Mac n Cheese was good to though.

Zion And Missy said...

Make sure you post those recipes...I am getting a crock pot for Christmas and need some good ones to try out.
You look great in this picture! :)
My friend is in Utah and just sent me a picture of the house and told me all the furniture is the same, very cool!
I had Zion go out the other day and pick up 6 of the big tubs of Skippy peanut butter. $6.98 at Walmart for 64 oz. As Doug, Zion has had a peanut butter (and jelly) sandwich for lunch for as long as we have been married. :) We have one more week, I think I will send him one more time to pick up a few more as that wont last us very long.

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