Friday, October 14, 2011


...and my husband and I are ALMOST home alone.  (Almost does not count.)

After a busy few weeks I am finishing some projects.

I started by putting black craft paper up on a wall that I wanted to paint with chalkboard paint.  Then I hung everything back up, and quickly took them back down and pulled the paper off.  I HATED it.  Could not believe how small and closed in it made the area.  (Good thing I tried it out with paper first.  1 thing crossed off my list.)

I did some work on a felt book I have been working on since summer.  (Not done yet.)

I had left over black craft paper, so I made these.  (I found them on Pinterest.  You can see MY PINTEREST boards by clicking on the Pinterest link on the right side of my blog.  They are sold several places on Etsy.)  Can you tell it is a "monster" coming out of the toilet?

(It was only an experiment, which is why I used black craft paper..  But it looks pretty good.)
I free-handed it with a yardstick, cutting out 2 at a time, and then used lots of masking tape on the back so they would stick.  I used E6000 to glue on g0oGly eyes.
I will make these out of vinyl next week.  (Scared 1 kidult, so far:)

(MONSTER UPDATE- The masking tape is holding great so I will leave it until the end of this season, and then copy my pattern for next year. 
To cut your own cut a V about 24 inches long with one side straight and the other side angling out about 3 inches.  The first "hand" is about 14 inches from the left (on the point end).  The straight end slides under the toilet lid.

Tomorrow I am heading to Pleasant Grove for a mini (Flea.ette from Flea.o.logy) antique and craft event @ 67 South Main.  The location is "Simply Splendid" and they will be open from 9-3.

I am not selling this time. Just going to shop.  I have several things I am hoping to find, but am most looking forward to one of Nell's TWIX bars.  (BUT SO MUCH BETTER THAN A TWIX.)   You may have seen these all over the Internet, but I tasted these before I made them.  They are GOOD.  (This is my 3rd or 4th favourite recipe right now.)
Because I am a FOLLOWER of  I will get one of Nell's Twix Bars.  (Worth the drive even if I do have the recipe and have made them.)  They will also be giving their blog followers the recipe.

Here are some that I made.
If you can't make the sale, don't panic.  I will post the recipe on Monday :)
(I am also taking them to a missionary homecoming on Sunday.)

It is still pretty early for a Friday night (and the baseball game is still on) so I am off to complete a few more things.


Emily said...

For the record I was not the one at home nor was I the one scared of the monster:)

michelle's 10 things said...

Nope. It was not you :)

Zion And Missy said...

Ha...I have always wanted to have one of those monsters. I have never thought of making it with paper. I am off to Jo-Anns to buy some black cardstock with a coupon! Thanks! Those bars look yummy!

michelle's 10 things said...

Melissa. I used black craft paper. (Like butcher paper on a roll.) I am sure card stock will work, but it will need to be pieced together. (Read update on this post.)

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