Tuesday, May 18, 2010


9 May - 16 May, 2010 (My Grandma AND Grandpa Walker's birthdays AND their wedding anniversary)

"Sometimes when I consider the tremendous consequences from little things.... a chance word... a tap on the shoulder or a wink of an eye, I am tempted to think there are no little things." Emily Dickinson

#1 My Mother-in-law gave me a stack of magazines that she had finished. Great way to de-stress.

#2 Breakfast buffets make me happy. Even eating breakfast out. No, I did not go out to breakfast. We usually go to a breakfast buffet about 2 times a year. But not this year. I am going to my favourite breakfast buffet in Mesquite this summer. (Maybe on the way TO Newport and on the way BACK from Newport.) But, I am still happily trying breakfast recipes. One new recipe was a 4 ingredient, very easy biscuit recipe. (The recipe is at the end of my post.)
#3 Planning trips makes me happy. (Could you tell?)

#4 Planning for company makes me happy. Two of my sisters are coming to visit for 2 days. How much can I fit in that both of them will enjoy? (More family welcome. Anytime.)
#5 Saturday was a good day. Hilary and I went yard saleing. Very nice. Thank-you, Hilary.

#6 With everything going on, I have not been sleeping. On Saturday I just laid down for a few minutes...and slept 3 hours. I SO needed that.

#7 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET MARK. I am so happy he is home from Detroit (2 year church mission). In school. With a job. AND happily married. When the kidults are happy, the mom is happy. Which makes the dad happy.

#8 We went to Mom and Dad's for dinner on Sunday. We get together AT LEAST once a month. (More when the pool is open. Thank-you, Michael and Kate.) But it seemed like it had been awhile. It felt nice to be together. Family makes me happy.

#9 It makes me happy that Doug and David have the garden. It gives something to enjoy and work on together. Logan likes to help, too. He has his own "garben".

#10 I enjoyed hearing Doug and Leslie speak in another ward on Sunday. They did great. Mark and Ashley, and Charles came to here them, also. (Hilary, Emily and Lincoln went to a Special Needs Mutual Sacrament Meeting.)

I was excited to try these biscuits, and was not disappointed. They are very fast. Very Easy. And very good. That is not why I loved them. There are other good biscuits out there. These have something I never thought of, and tweaked. ummmm

7-UP BISCUITS-Made 8 Double recipe for 9x13 pan
from Frosted Bake Shop @ http://frostedbakeshop.blogspot.com/

Mix lightly with a fork

2 cups Bisquick (I did not use light, but I will next time)
1/2 cup sour cream (I used light)

Add and barely stir (just until almost mixed)

1/2 cup 7-Up, lemon lime...

Sprinkle cutting board with additional Bisquick and pat dough to about 1 inch thick. Cut into biscuits (I just used a cup dipped in flour.)

Now, this is the good part. As you start the dough, start pre-heating your oven. Melt in your (about) 9x9 pan,

1/4 cup of BUTTER (Only my opinion)

Here is my trick. Watch the butter carefully to avoid burning, but let it go a bit past melted. (Just a hint of tan.) Do you usually like the top of a biscuit best? If you love brown butter, for sure you will like this bottom best. I will do this for cooking all my biscuits from now on.
Bake at 450* about 11 mins. Until a light golden brown/tan. ummmm


Lindsay Quinney said...

I sure do love you mom! You are an amazing woman! Those biscuits sound absolutely delicious!

Leslie said...

They are so good with the butter on the bottom.

ιŸ‹δΊŽε€«ζˆ said...
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