Monday, February 15, 2010


7 February - 14 February, 2010

"A man is only as happy as he decides he is going to be." Abraham Lincoln

#1 Emily did my carpool. Again. Thank-you, Emily.

#2 I had a nice lunch and afternoon with Anne. We went to Olive Garden. She gave me Susan Boyle's cd for my birthday. It is a nice cd. Thank-you, Anne.

#3 Play date made me happy. We had fun at Pirate Island. Thank-you, Lindsay for posting it on my blog.

#4 I got a new church calling. I am an assistant cub scout leader with Jean. I like Jean and enjoy working with her. And scouts? I will have fun.

#5 Olympics make me happy. Mark got my rings put up in time for the Opening Ceremony. (Thank-you, Mark.) I am going to post some Olympic ideas (with pictures) on Tuesday. Come see how you can celebrate.

#6 Valentine's Day (well, really Feb. until Valentine's Day) makes me happy. We always have a family dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's house, and exchange Valentines with our cousins. It is always fun and a bit WILD. I made the Oreo lollypops (I told you I was going to.) It took about 2 hours and 5 bags of the white chocolate (which I got on sale after Christmas-knowing that I was doing this :^) Elana and Hilary and Layne helped. It was fun. Emily and Lincoln went the cheesy route-with string cheese. Hilary and Leslie did sleeves of donuts. Layne made "you da bomb" valentines with lollypops. Logan told his valentines that they were not "airheads". Grandma did a Mexican taco/salad bar. This is a fun tradition and I was sad to miss it. ( I started with a headache that by night progressed to a terrible migraine.)

#7 I love my valentine from Doug. It is a sailor's valentine shell box from the 1800s. (Thank-you, Paula for giving him (me) such a great deal on the box ;^) He (me) does such a good job finding antique or vintage valentines for me each year. He must use a "personal shopper" (me ;^) I took some pictures of a couple he has gotten me. (Debbie did not get it (and she even knew) so I thought I better clarify. I find a valentine I love and I get it for him to get for me. That is why we are both pleased with my valentine :*)

The first one

Honeycomb ones

Celluloid ones

mid 1800s one-hand-made and written message fringed ones

my new sailor's valentine shell box

#8 I am so happy to have Doug. There are many reasons, but today's #8 is because he spent some hours on Saturday working on blog stuff for me. Thank-you. Thank-you Lindsay for always putting my pictures on. Thank-you Hilary for helping with my blog.

Blog rambles- I started my blog as I noticed some people with challenges and how their attitude affected how they lived their life. One family was negative. One family was positive. This week as I was visiting blogs, I visited 2 opposite ones. One was negative and self centred. I decided not to visit her anymore. The other showed pictures of her "day". "I may look like I have it all together", she said. "But sometimes my life is like this..." Then she posted pics of a child in a diaper-and shoes. Toys on the floor. Dishes in the sink. Her in jammies all day. You know, the real life stuff. I started blogging to draw attention to finding joy and gratitude. My blog is evolving-which is fun. Blogging has encouraged me to try new recipes, finish projects and see happiness in small things. My intention is never to make someone feel bad about their life or make mine seem perfect. It is not. I am happy with it, though. (Migraines make me emotional. Sorry.)
Thank-you for visiting my blog and sharing your comments with me.

#9 I had a fun cooking week. Well, most of it. I tried 4 new soup recipes. 2 made the cut. (I will post the recipe this week.) My bread from "Kneadlessly Simple" failed. I'll try it again tomorrow. I am trying a new crockpot recipe today. IF it is good, I will post it this week.

#10 A new season of "Amazing Race" started. We have not watched it, yet, but our family enjoys watching it together. We have contests (pick teams) and meals and fun ("Are you a candlelabra?")

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will post some Olympic ideas.

Wednesday or Thursday I will post another soup recipe. Come visit again and leave a comment.


Leslie said...

Yeah for all the fun things during teh olympics. I love olympics!!!

Lindsay Quinney said...

MMM..I took a bite of Logan's Valentine and it was delicious!

Zion And Missy said...

Posted on your Zuppa recipe post: "Oh my. Zion says that he is so impressed that you have such accurate recipes. It tastes exactly like Olive Garden. I did find chicken base. Weird, as I never had heard of it before. I used turkey sausage. I will make it with regular sausage next time. And yes, there will be many next times! Thanks!! :)" I can't wait to try out your kneadless bread. I hate kneading.

Nancy Baggett said...

Yikes, I noticed that you said your Kneadlessly Simple recipe failed. I want everybody to have success with my recipes. Please contact me through my website, if you have questions I can help you with. Start by making sure to use fast-rising, bread machine or instant yeast, not regular active dry.

Good Luck,

Nancy Baggett

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