Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kung Hee Fat Choy - (I think) Don't forget to enter drawing.

I am sad that Chinese New Years falls on Valentine's Day this year. One less family party/dinner opportunity. This year (on Valentine's Day) we welcome the year of the TIGER. (Lindsay and David are both tigers. What are you?)
"Kung Hee Fat Choy "is the Chinese greeting for the new year. To find some fun ideas (paper) visit

Now, for my newest recipe. For some reason most of what has caught my interest is asian influenced. This is another one. I first tried this in September, 2008, but my policy is not to put a recipe in my cookbook until I have made it twice. Somehow this recipe got lost. Although it is very easy and quick, I do have to make sure that I have a mango and cashews at the same time. I planned ahead, and it passed.

Mango Cashew Chicken
(recipe from "Ask Aiada" on Food Network)
3 table. peanut oil 2 table. soy sauce
3-4 table. honey
2-4 chicken breasts (cubed)
Combine and marinate in fridge at least 30 mins.

In oiled pan stir until you can smell it
(I almost always chop my onions and peppers LARGE so that kidults can pick out what they do not like)

1/2 yellow/white onion-chopped
3 cloves chopped garlic

Then add marinated chicken with marinade
Saute' (stir fry/ stir) until chicken is cooked thru

Then addd and heat

1 mango-peeled and cubed
1 cup (or more) toasted cashews (toasting brings out the flavour to toast shake over heat in dry pan until lightly browned)

Serve over
Sesame Rice
Stir fry until warm and flavours are well blended

cooked rice-some (cold or warm)
2 table. sesame oil (can use toasted if you have it)
about 1/4 cup toased sesame seeds

I served this with a salad, but I used a romaine lettuce leaf and made a wrap. It worked and was quite good.
Everyone liked this (again). It is now in my REAL cookbook.

This recipe works great with advanced preparation. Use left-over rice. Start chicken marinating earlier in the day. Toast your cashews and sesame seeds when you have time, and cube mango and put in fridge in a container.

This is the last week-end to enter the drawing for the sweet hat. You can enter up to 3 times on the 1 February post.


Zion And Missy said...

Made the Cafe Rio salad last night. LOVED it! The pork was a little sweet, but everyone loved it. I loved the dressing.
Zion had the enchiladas tonight and he said he expected more (I think he was expecting a traditional enchilada). But he said it was good. I am excited to try it tomorrow.
Can't wait to try another good recipe.
Do you have a good/easy recipe for homemade bread? I do not have a bread maker. You can email me if you do not want to post it.

Zion And Missy said...

He said the meat was too sweet in the enchiladas.....but he did like them.

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