Friday, February 12, 2010


On Thursday we went to Provo/Orem for a fun play date at Pirate Island. They have a nice lunch menu with all items $5.99 (includes drink). We had fun. Lindsay wrote about it on her blog, so I asked to do a "guest post " and put it on my blog. Thank-you, Lindsay.

Today for playdate we decided to go down to Orem to Pirate Island. It is a restaurant that is all decked out in Pirate stuff. It reminds me of the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland. Not as good, but as good as we are going to get in Utah. The kids had lots of fun, although Logan was terrified when it would thunder and lightning inside the restaurant. And at any little noise that was out of the ordinary. I am not sure why he was such a scaredy cat. He is not usually like that. We can't wait to go again though. If you go on a Wednesday at 11:00 they have a pirate who reads a story to the kids and they get little goody bags. It is also very reasonable priced. We will for sure be going again!

The kids with their pirate hats on!

David and Logan playing a game.

Logan watching the cannons shoot off.

At the entrance they have a really cool fountain with a skeleton and gold. And of course I only got the back of Logan's head because he needed to keep an eye on the skeleton.


Zion And Missy said...

Fun, fun fun!

Emily said...

It was so much fun! I'm so sad I have to go back on track next week and can't play anymore!

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