Monday, January 11, 2010

My 2010 Theme and MY 10 THINGS

3 January - 10 January, 2010

"Hang on the walls of your mind the memory of your successes. Take councils of your strengths, not your weaknesses. Think of the good jobs you have done. Think of the times you rose above your average level of performance and carried out, an idea or a dream or a desire for which you had deeply longed. Hang these pictures on the walls of your mind and look at them as you travel the roadway of life." James Whistler

#1 I am happy to have my theme for 2010. as I was studying last week I came across a note with a theme idea from summer. As I read it, I realized it was what I wanted .
My 2010 theme

More, Savior, Like Thee LDS Hymn # 131
My theme is the whole song. As I first chose this theme, I felt like perhaps it was selfish to ask for so much. I want to work to build or develop the attributes the song asks for. As I prepare to study and try to live for the peace and obedience this song asks for, I wanted to start by really learning (memorizing) it. I know it, more or less. I decided this was a theme I did NOT want to memorize. Reading it often will help me re-focus and re-discover. I am posting a picture of how I have chosen to display and remind me throughout the year. (This may be a 2 year theme. I am working to more fully internalize and appreciate the Savior, His atonement and the sacrament.#2 I am So happy to have all my Christmas up!! (Back in November.) I am SO SO happy when everything is put away-neatly- in January.
#2 1/2 Thanks to selling the 50s aluminum tree and going thru all my Christmas stuff, I ended up with fewer containers. YEA! (I will go thru it all again this summer when it is not freezing in the garage.)

#3 AFB? I am feeding it, but... I think I may stop it for awhile. I am really looking forward to trying the Kneadlessly Simple bread book.
I tried a crock pot caramel rice pudding recipe. I has GREAT hopes for it. The flavour was very good. Those that were home raved about it. And it was easy. But I wanted (and have hunted for YEARS) for a rich creamy recipe. This was not it. Plus, once it was chilled it was heavy and dry. (for reference-This crock pot rice pudding called for 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1 can evaporated milk, brown sugar... don't make again.)

#4 In 7th grade I was in a 9th grade accelerated English class. I have strong memories of some of the stories we studied. I remember clearly the movie, and then the story, of a civil war hanging. In the newspaper lat week that movie/story was referenced. Turns out that it was an episode of Twilight Zone, AND on youtube. I have never been to youtube by myself, but I found it. It was just as I remembered. (It is called, "Occurrence at Oak Creek Bridge" from a story written in the late 1800s by Ambrose Bierce. It is shown in 3 parts by "FatherMcKenize.)
The ease with which I found it encouraged me to BLINGO "The Monkey's Pew". (Another story we studied.) I was able to read a basic synopsis on Wikopedia. Very fun. (I did not remember the plot of that one.)

#5 I am happy we had a really fun family game night last Sunday evening. Scattigories was quite loud with everyone playing. SO FUN! I love family game nights.

#6 I had fun making a recipe with Logan this week. We used Hilary's left-over white chocolate and an opened bag of pretzels. Logan "helped" me break the pretzels and "stir". We put it on a cookie sheet to cool. Then Logan broke it into pieces. We had fun making our pretzel bark. We liked eating it, too):D (Please try to ignore the red-eyes.)

7 After a June trip to California I fell in love with Jasmine (the flowering plant). They use it as ground cover there, and while in bloom the scent is intoxicating. Doug bought me one for the yard last summer. They do not like our harsh winters, so we moved her inside. After cleaning up dirt from around her on and off for about 2 months, we caught Lightning going to the bathroom in her. UGH! So, for 2 weeks we put her in our shower at night and on the front porch during the day. Of course then we have to make sure the bathroom doors are shut. Then, duh, I got the idea of putting her in the laundry room, on the dryer. It is working great!

#8 I found out that a woman in my ward is selling her house and moving. It has become hard for her to go down to the basement for laundry. I am so happy (thankful) for our addition. I am happy it is done (except for the mouldings and casings that Mark is going (?) to put up). I am happy we were able to do it when we did. How nice it is to know we will stay here.

#9 I am so happy (thankful) for Doug. Sunday I reached into my purse to get my reading glasses out to sing the opening song. I had forgotten them at home. So, Doug quickly drove home to get them for me i was so thankful he wanted to get them for me. (OOPS! Mark Texted him to tell him they were in the bottom of my purse. Doug just smiled at me when he got back.)


My next BLOG-GIVE-AWAY is for 6 small Valentine's Day themed Penny Blossoms made by Hilary. Sign up to be a follower and you will be in the drawing the end of January. Leave a comment and tell us what yu think of them :-)
Thank-you so much, Hilary.


Zion And Missy said...

I would like the ice star mold. Would be so cool that have around. It would be such an "ice breaker" at our parties. :) Logan is such a cutie pie.

Lindsay Quinney said...

I like your theme for the year. Possibly the next two years. Also, those pretzels you and Logan made were so delicious!

Kristin said...

Love your theme and your entire post. Of course we love your clippies and always get compliments on them.

Even though we have a lot already put us in the drawing we would loves some valentine ones.

Debbie said...

Those are really cute hair clips! I'd love to win them!

~Debbie Reed Perkins

P.S.- I love the idea of your blog. In these times it's nice to hear someone focusing on the positive things in life. :)

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