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27 December, 2009 - 3 January, 2010

"How could I consider taking Monday off? Monday is the diving board poised over the rest of the week. You walk out on the board, review the situation, plan your stategy, bounce a few times to get the feel of things, and then make a clean dive. Without Monday, one simply bombs into the water, belly first, and hopes for the best." Jan Karon in "At Home In Mitford" (I love this thought. I keep it up in my laundry room. Isn't this a great way to start the year?)

#1 For the past 5 years I have picked a personal "theme" for the new year. It is a l o n g process. I start thinking about it in about October, and HOPE to have picked one by January. I search talks, scriptures, songs, magazines... It is a pretty big deal to me. This year I "found" my theme by November. Then, after several conversations in which I quoted another thought, I realized at church on Sunday that I had the wrong thought for the year. I am so happy with this new theme. It goes along with the goals that I had already set. Since I have changed my theme, I need a new way to display it, so I will write about it next week. (Later in the week I will put pictures of some of my past themes.)

I love new years. I love to assess where I am and where I want to be. Most practical New Year's Resolution? REMEMBER TO TAKE MY VERY STURDY HOME DEPOT BAGS INTO EVERY STORE I GO IN TO!!!!! (They do no good in the car.)

#2 Lindsay told me a fun idea that David's parents do. For Christmas each grandchild gets to reach into a bowl/jar of change and take a whole handful. (Logan got $.30 cents:) (That is not their gift.) Anyway, fun idea. We are starting that tradition this year-but for grandkids birthdays. Layne will be first in January.

#3 I am so happy I finally got to see "The Princes and The Frog". I am such a Disney fan. Grandma and Grandpa took about 25 of us on Saturday. I really, really enjoyed it. It had good characters with good work values. It is a positive movie with a good theme. And the music made me move in my seat (and annoy Leslie). Thank-you so much, Grandpa and Grandma.

Parent comment-This movie takes place in the 20s, 30s and 40s in the south. It has black magic, tarot cards, voodoo and helpers from "the other side". There are shadows that are evil. At one point they "come" for one that now belongs to them, and the scene feels much like a similar one in "Ghost". It does feel dark at times.

#4 This is the 4th year we have measured Doug's ear at the beginning of the new year. Why? We noticed a lot of older/old men with big (sorry) ears. So, we decided we would start measuring Doug's ear every year - so Grandchildren could use it for an experiment for a science fair project. And all the documentation would be done. Weird? Maybe. But fun. We started before we had grandchildren.

#5 I am happy I got to try new recipes this week. I started with a sweet potato enchilada recipe from "STUDIO 5" tv show. I used canned sweet potatoes and rotissserie chicken, so it went reallyfast. It was good, and better the next day, but I already have several good, and different enchilada recipes. So, not worth saving.
I made several new recipes for New Year's Eve, but only the cheese bread was really a hit. (One of them should have been good, so I will try it again.") Write and let us know if you tried a new sucessful recipe this holiday season.
This week in my crock pot I made a teriyaki pork loin roast. The flavour was good, but it was dry on it's own. It had reached the correct temp. over 2 hours early. So far I have not been pleased with roasts in the crockpot.

#6 I am happy, happy happy to have church start at 11:oo, instead of 9:oo. I can sleep in, AND watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (IF I can learn how to work our new Direct TV, and IF I am up by 9:30).

#7 I HATE putting away Christmas. I am sad it is all over. (I don't think I got enough music.) hmmm. What shall I plan for now. Oh yea! The Olympics are a month away. Rings in the window. Opening Ceremony party. Themed dinners. Olympic music and movies and biographies and inspirational stories...

Followed by-Valentine's Day. Just as I was missing Christmas projects I found the idea I will do for the Cousin Valentine Exchange at Grandpa and Grandma's house. (If you want to see my (secret) idea, go here. But don't tell the cousins.) Now go to the Oreo Cookie Sucker tutorial on 11 December, 2009. (SHHH)

And I already have a pretty good start on next Christmas :)

#8 I am happy we had my dog, Stevie for almost 2 years. He died 6 months ago. It was bittersweet to find his fur in our Christmas tree box. We have had our stray cat, Lightning, for 2 years now. We found (caught) her on New Year's Day. She sleeps on the end of my bed.:) We love her and Hilary's Annie Cat.

#9 I am so happy that I had Doug home for 2 weeks with me. We had a fine time together. Thank-you, honey. Too bad we have to go back to work.

#10 I heard a quote that said, "A friend is someone that when you hurt, they cry." This past year has brought hard (very hard) times for some of our family members. Illness, deaths and sorrows for siblings, children and parents, as well as friends. Many times I have cried as I have looked at the picture with my limited vision. I am so thankful for family. I am thankful for the plan of salvation. I am thankful that I may cast my cares to my Heavenly Father. I am thankful for fast Sunday. How fitting that we are able to begin this new year in humility and prayer. May this year be filled with peace and reassurance as we work to learn of and please the Lord. (Clue to my theme)

And for the blog Give-Away. The winner is #3. Zion and Missy. (Don't worry. No kidults were drawn first. Although I did put their #s in ;) Let me know if you want the Ice Candle Mold or Christmas Ornament Book. The next drawing will be the first week of February. Hilary is making 2 pairs of Valentine's Day themed Penny Blossoms. (see Big Bang Theory) I will post a picture when they are made. Be sure to sign up as a follower to be entered in the give aways. Congratulations Melissa.


debbie said...

I love the oreo sucker idea. Thank you for sharing.

Lindsay Quinney said...

So is dad's ear bigger? I guess I should probably help you with your New Years resolution since I am with you a lot when you go into stores!

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