Monday, November 2, 2009

1 November, 2009 - 8 November, 2009

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote her first novel when she was 65. She did it she said because she wanted to record "the pictures that hung in my memory".

#1 My first happy moment came when my Monday morning boys (and thus my carpool) were cancelled. I got to sleep in. Well, I could have if I had stayed in bed. Oh well. Then, I got Thursday morning off, too. (One of the boys had a fever.)

#2 My AFB was a big hit this week. I came up with a chocolate banana bread with dark chocolate chips. Both Doug and Leslie said it was their favourite yet.
I am happy I tried a new chicken crock pot recipe this week, but the recipe did not not make me happy. (Chicken, peaches and packaged onion soup mix. Thumbs down.)
I tried a great new pumpkin dessert recipe for this Sunday dinner. It was a big hit. Doug said it would definately make HIS TOP 10 for the week. Hilary really helped me get Sunday dinner put together.

#3 I got a migrain (not happy-stupid sinus') on Thursday. I am so happy (read thankful) for my children. We had Logan, Layne, Lincoln and Annie at the house for a fun playday (It was in the 70's and a park lunch was planned.) Lindsay and Leslie took care of everything while I slept. Leslie did lunch and Lindsay played with the boys the rest of the day. Doug did a pick-up and ate left-overs, Emily got me something cold for dinner and loaded the dishwasher, and Mark and Hilary pitched in. Everyone kept the house dark and quiet. I am so thankful that my family works and plays as a team. There is such a peace in knowing we are all there for each other.

#4 Some of our family watches Biggest Loser. This week it was so fun to see them in Washington D.C. I am so happy that I have been to Washington D.C. Several times. I love that city. Thank-you so much mom and dad for all the travel opportunities that you have given to our family. I am also so happy that I have been to New York City. More than once. Thank-you mom and dad. And Michael and Tracey and Jenna and Tashina. I love that city. Big cities make me happy. Especially New York City :- D

-#4 (from last week- We lost (temporarily?) the garage parking. :o( (I was sad that I did not have my garage, but then I thought about people with broken cars. Lindsay and David got theirs fixed. Christy gets hers back on Monday.)

#5 YEA!!! KOSY 106.5 stated playing Christmas music on Friday evening. The Christmas Song Contest has started. Enough said!!

#6 On Saturday everyone was watching the BYU football game on TV. Doug said, "I want hamburgers for dinner." How could that NOT make me happy? Someone giving me an idea for dinner. And an easy one even. Plus I had everything. And he grilled them for me.
#6 1/2 I am happy with the new EARTHGRAINS 1oo% multi-grain buns. (1oo calories, 1.5 grms fat, 4 fibres and 5 proteins) I use these for sandwiches, but, they made great hamburger buns.

#7 Ashley found and bought her wedding dress. :-)

#8 I am really enjoying the "books on cd" thing. Leslie put the cds on the computer, and then the book on to my Zune (Boy, does my Zune make me happy!). Then I can plug the Zune into my clock and "read" a book while I clean, do laundry, iron or just fall asleep.

#9 The weather last week was wonderful. I thought a storm was coming in this week-end, but then I found out this next week will be really nice, too. Nice weather makes me happy.

#10 Debbie and David are re-modeling their bathroom. I loved doing our house. (O.K. It was so much work, and so much money and so stressful and boy do I feel great about what we did!) Anyway, I am happy thinking about their project and talking about their project and trying to think of things to help with their project.

As always, no wagering. And I am certainly willing to be bribed for a spot on my list.


Leslie said...

I love listening to books too. I am glad I was able to give you the idea to put books on your zune and that you enjoy it.

Lindsay Quinney said...

Woo hoo Christmas music!!! You guys are going down with the contest! Just kidding, its all in fun. I still cannot believe that it is November 9th and no Christmas music on FM 100 yet. What a lame station. And you know we are always willing to help especially when people don't feel good. Thats what is so great about our family! Love you!

Kristin said...

I was very excited when the music began too. I emailed them and complained. Another great list and can't wait for the next one.

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