Sunday, November 29, 2009

22 November - 29 November, 2009

"You never forget what your Kodak (journal/blog) remembers."
Old Kodak slogan

#1 Thanksgiving makes me happy. So happy. How can you not find joy in a holiday that is based on gratitude and family. The one that brings everyone home and together and officially lasts 4 days- not counting left-overs.
We met at Grandma and Grandpa's (Mom and Dad's) for a grand afternoon and evening. Everything looked so nice, and then all the food was set out. There were about 5o people there, yet it was comfortable and peaceful. Mom planned appitizers and Dad planned the football game. Both were fully participated in.
After a wonderful dinner and dessert, the females stated the annual Black Friday preparation. Everyone had their ads and computers and lists... Grandpa had games going on and Grandma had "UP" for the younger ones.
@ 1o:oo p.m. I went with Kristin to Toys-R-Us. It was fun, cold and a bit stressful as we counted and worried about whether we would be in the first 1oo that would get to buy what we came for. The adventure was a rousing success since we DID get it-very barely, as well as other things on her list.

Day 2- (#2)I slept in. @ 11:oo we all (about 15 of us) met @ Britton's for breakfast. Annual tradition. Moms and shopping cousins only. We trade what we got for each other and talk, talk, talk. Kate (Michael) paid for all of us. Thank-you very much. After breakfast Hilary, Leslie and Lindsay got pedicures. ((Their new tradition. They had been shopping since 4:oo a.m. I spent my afternoon shopping with them, and most of the evening putting up my Christmas. I went to bed at 1:oo with the house a DISASTER.

Day 3 (#3) Saturday- Slept in! Got up and started the decorating again. At 1:oo everyone headed south for the big game. We were pleased with the results. While almost everyone was gone I went to the DI for a very short visit and to a scrapbook store with Hilary. I got most of Christmas up and the disaster resolved. I also got a lot of food ready for Sunday. Happy Day for me!

Day 4 (#4) I am always happy to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I did appetizers, a turkey and ham. Two kinds of smashed potatoes, 3 jello salads, frozen fruit salad, 2 kinds of stuffing, 9 pies..... I enjoyed it. Everyone came, plus our cousin Krista Lynn. There were 17 of us. It was a very nice day/evening.
I am so thankful for our 4 day family and friend holiday.
#4 1/2 Leslie is awarded my Biggest Helper/Go To Girl/Right-Hand Man award for all of her help on Sunday. She was really a major help. Major, major. Mark is a ((distant) runner-up. Everyone helped. Thank-you family and Christy.

#5 Doug was home the whole week on vacation. PLUS, he/we saved enough vacation days for 2 (TWO) weeks off in December. I love it when we can do things together.

#6 I am so happy that Michael, Tracey, Jenna and Tashina went to Manhatten and watched Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from right in front of the Lion King Theatre. I am happy they called me right before it started so I could think about them being there. Maybe I will spend next Thanksgiving with them???? Will they go to the lighting of the tree @ Rockefeller Center????

#7 I crock potted several things this week and tried several new recipes. I combined 3 recipes for a pumpkin dip that I served with darling gingerbread boys. It looked nice, but could not compete with the big boys of Thanksgiving desserts. I think Thanksgiving has a pretty perfect menu. Next week? Back to experimenting.

#8 Each year I pick a theme for myself. Something that will help me grow through the year. This year my theme is "Hunger and Thirst after rightousness." This is the 4th year I have done this.
Picking THE theme is hard. Sometimes I do not find it until January. I am happy that I already have my theme for 2010.

#9 I am happy I can pay Lindsay to decorate my living room Christmas tree.

#10 I have to iron this week. I am happy that when I ironed 40 something things a few blogs ago, it kept me from a major ironing day for all of October AND November. (I still had to spray iron.)


Lindsay Quinney said...

I love our Thanksgiving weekend! It is always so much fun! Really, you might be in New York next Thanksgiving?

Emily said...

Ironing spray is such a way hecka great invention!!!

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