Monday, November 16, 2009

8 November - 15 November, 2009

"Moments are the molecules that make up eternity"
Neal Maxwell October 2000

#1 Tuesday was our 31st anniversary. I am so thankful for Doug. I am thankful for our marriage and our family. Doug took Wednesday off and we spent the day together. What did we do? Got the yard and house ready for winter. (We are so practical.) "Be careful about criticizing your spouse's faults. If it were not for them, your mate may have found someone better than you." Jay Trachman

#2 I am SO happy Emily has been off-track. She did my morning car pool ALL WEEK. (O.K. So 2 of the 4 days you don't drive, but she was the one who got up.) YEA! Thank-you, Emily. It was a nice week off.

#3 Happy Birthday, Charles. We are happy we have you :-)

#4 My new recipes this week had some big hits- and some misses. But first, a moment of silence for my favourite crock pot. (My big green oval one.) It died in the middle of baking a loaf of AFB (Amish Friendship Bread). The two worst things about it breaking now? THANKSGIVING!!! And, no yard sales.

#4 1/2 My AFB this week was a split decision. The bread was an eggnog vanilla bread. Boring. But, even though I had to switch crock pots, bread can be done in a crock pot. I probably won't do it again. (You can only cook 1 at a time, and my recipe makes 2.)
I made a crock pot pork chop recipe that I will do again. I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast on our anniversary. They were great. This week I made crock pot chicken pot pie soup. The soup was not quite right (this is try #2), but I think the next try will be IT. AND, the new biscuit recipe was GREAT. My favourite new recipe this week was crock pot smashed potaoes. They worked great. (I made them ahead of time.) A big winner. The soup ideas, biscuits and smashed potaoes more than made up for the boring eggnog AFB. I have some fun new recipes on my list for next week. It is fun to enjoy cooking experiences again. Maybe this thought from President Gordon B. Hinckley expresses my joys best. "Women for the most part, see their greatest fulfillment, their greatest happiness in home and family." Thank- you, Leslie and Cristy for helping with Sunday dinner.

#5 I had some great visits with Debbie. Plus, they had a good (great?) week.

#6 Karyn makes me happy. She is so sweet and generous. She put together a crew (Kirsten, Micheal +) to pack up Grandma Endter's house in Long Beach, and drive it in a rented truck to mom's apartment in Fresno. Thank-you so much, Karyn.

#7 (sad, happy, sad) Charles moved his office into my garage to cut his business expenses (sad-no more garage parking :-( Well, it turned out that a fridge was one of the things from the office (happy- boy can I use another fridge), but wait, the freezer did not work (so sad-I really needed the freezer). It won't go below 20*.

#8 I am happy I get to go to play date with Logan, Layne and Annie (Leslie's nannie girl). This week we went to the farm on a very nice warm Wednesday. Emily brought lunch and Lincoln, Ari and Kenna. Then we went to the apple farm on Thursday and saw apples being pressed into juice. Fun.

#9 We are having fun making a nativity advent calender. Each Sunday night we all make a few more pieces. I hope we will all be finished by the first of December. (There are 8 of us making them.)

#10 I actually listed something For Sale" on I am happy I did it. (Not sold, yet.)


Lindsay Quinney said...

I love that you can come to playdate with us too. Its just not the same when you are not there. And very sad about your crockpot, but in the not too distant future you will have an even better one!

debbie said...

I love your blog!

Emily said...

Hey! Where did my comment go???

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