Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WHAT I BUY WEDNESDAY (My grandsons' Christmas gift)

"Traditions are not for keeping.  They're for keeping us close."  A Hallmark print ad

Like everyone else I have been picking my Christmas projects and then trying to get them done.
I decided to make these fun fort kits for my grandsons for Christmas.  I found several different blogs that shared what they had done.
My favourite was Saltwater-Kids.  I started my search by finding great quality twin size flat sheets at a thrift store.  Each "Fort Kit" uses 2 sheets.  I did not want to worry about finding 2 sheets that match, so each boys kit has 1 blue and 1 red sheet.  (We are a blue team family.)  

I found 2 matching pillowcases for the fort contents.  I did not want to worry about drawstring dangers, so I just undid about 2 inches of stitching in the pillowcase side seam and sewed in ribbon ties.  (Remember to quickly burn the ribbon edges to keep the ribbon from unraveling.)

I really liked the idea of using jersey fabric strips for the fort/tent ties.  Cheap and easy.  One shirt made ties for 2 fort sets (6 ties on each of 4 sheets).  I liked Saltwater kids tutorial for the ties, but found it was easier to sew the ties on and then stretch and knot the ends.

Then came finding and collecting all the necessary accessories ;)
In each kit I used

2 sheets, 1 pillow case and 2 yards of ribbon - $6.00 @ thrift stores (Unloading the dishwasher for 1 week got all the ties sewn on for me :)

12 jumbo clothespins (clamps for hooking loops to chair legs.) $2.00 at $ Store (Took about 1 month for me to find them.)

12 wooden clothespins (great for closing gaps, or doors) - $.50 for 1/2 bag from $ Store

Pack of 3 bungee cords - $1.00 at $ Store

Flashlight w/ batteries - $3.00 at Walmart

50 feet of cord - $2.00 at Walmart

6 carabeaners (Is this spelled right?) - $5.00 at Walmart  (I think.)  I just like them.

1 roll of Duct tape - $1.00 at $ Store

1 tube of 50 glow sticks - $4.00 at Macey's grocery store

1 over the door metal hook - $1.00 at $ Store (Great for raising the height of the fort.)

1 shoebox size plastic container for storing the small supplies - $1.00 at Walmart

Fun funnel phone - $1.00 for funnels at $ store (Need to have 2 funnels the same size per fort kit.) + $8.00 for 20 ft. of tubing at Home Depot.  (Be sure to take your funnels to make sure you have a good tight fit.)

Total cost was about $35.00, but the total play value will be priceless.  I will make one for my house after the holidays.

This toy has many hazards and dangers.  It should be played with by appropriate aged children.  Use caution.


Emily said...

Can't wait to play with the boys!

Lindsay Quinney said...

Logan and Layne are going to absolutely love these!!

Zion And Missy said...

Great idea. I bet they loved it!! I bet your'e a fun grandma! :)

Lindsay Quinney said...

Logan (and David) absolutely love this! David said it was one of the best gifts we got this year for Christmas!

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