Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It is hard to blog when you have not blogged for awhile. 
My sister came for a fun and busy 2 week visit.

After she left, I started a fun project (that I was slightly obsessed about) that I found on PINTEREST.  The idea came from "Hollyhocks and Honeybees".

I already had a table top flip frame/album that I had found at a thrift store a while ago.  I used that for this project.  I started by unscrewing the whole thing and taking it a part.  The cover said something about friends so I  spray painted it.  Then I "mod podge"d a cover (paper) on the cover and when dry, I distressed it (inked the edges).

Then came the fun part.  And the hard part.  Scrap booking 25 pages.  The hardest part was picking which pictures to use (and I have so many that I feel like I need to make another one).  I collected Christmas scrapbook supplies, and regular scrap booking supplies.  The frame/photo album had photo sleeves so that determined my size. 

I ended up not going to bed at all on Monday, working 1/2 day on Tuesday and all day Wednesday.  So far.  (Only 7 pages left.)
I watched a lot of Christmas movies and got caught up on "Studio 5".

I love this new Advent Calender (not that I needed another one;).   It is personal and it is so fun to look at the pictures.
The pictures are pretty bad.  Still learning my new camera.
I spray painted a cover that had texture,
and then Mod Podged a new paper cover on.

I have a few more posts before Christmas.


Lindsay Quinney said...

I am so happy to see a post! I love the way your advent is turning out. Can't wait to see the remaining 7 pages!

Emily said...

So hecka glad you posted! It was fun going through old pictures!

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