Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Every year (usually summer) I have a big 2 day yard sale at my house.  A lot of families bring their stuff priced and ready to sell.  That week end is this week end.  Friday and Saturday (23 & 24 Sept.) from 8-2.  Want to sell?  Let me know and bring your things tagged with your name and price.  The more the merrier :)  (Call with questions @ 572-2955.)

Since I am getting my garage ready, I decided to fix a few things on my blog. (I will post "What I Buy Wednesday" next Wednesday.)

Many posts ago I showed you a very big frame with an unattractive picture that I had been waiting to go on sale (at a thrift store).   I finally found the very large frame I wanted (needed) for $15.00 that looked like THIS.

(Large ugly frame I needed for an idea.)
When a follower asked what I did with it, I REALIZED I NEVER SHOWED YOU!

Here is what I did.  I framed my 1960's DISNEYLAND map, and used it as a (giant) scrapbook. 
I made copies of some of our fun Disney pics from thru the years (1983-...), and backed them with bright solid cardstock.  Then I just taped them on.  (The frame has acrylic instead of glass making it lightweight.)  And hung the GIANT picture in the grandkids room.

(OF COURSE I put the pictures in the correct land :)
Another follower asked how the found dresser came out.  What?  I never posted that, either?  UGH!  (Thank you for remembering.)

Free, ugly, old dresser.
This was a fun project.  I faux painted the veneer top as granite.  (It was a test to see if I could do my counter tops.  Result?  It has gotten a couple of tiny chips over time so I will just wait until I budget for real granite.  Sad.)

I have enjoyed this in my kitchen.  It stores my ramekin collection, the Popsicle trays (when not filled), the electric griddle for pancakes (in a pillowcase), a couple of my more often used silicone baking pans and my container of kid's decorative sandwich cutters.

During the week I keep the fruit there.  On Sundays I put the salad bar there.
Yep.  I like it.  And it was free.

(Remember the top 2 drawers were missing.)
If you want me to post the steps of how I painted the faux granite
 just let me know, and I will post it.


Emily said...

The dresser thing is very convenient for Sunday dinners!

Lindsay Quinney said...

That frame was such a great find! I love the way the dresser turned out. Its crazy looking at before and after pictures!

Zion And Missy said...

Yes post on how you did it. I actually have a drafts folder and keep a few ideas on how to re-do/paint furniture. I have been big on spray painting these days. I would like to try other things. :) great Disneyland photo. I have been looking for a very large frame for something I have been working on, too. Crossing my fingers that I find one...a year and counting... :(

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