Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ON MY MIND (My collection of odds and ends)

I had a different post planned for yesterday, but got a flu.  It was short.  And I slept.

On My Mind

I have never watched "Casablanca".  I love old movies.  I have tried many times to watch it.  I deleted it from my DVR again last night.  (I made it over 1/3 of the way through it.)

There are fewer commercials on BBC (it seems to me), but I wish they were British commercials.  Then I would not fast forward them.

I made a "new"  "recipe" for hot cheesy bean dip, for Sunday dinner.  As I made it, I realized it was not new, nor was it really a recipe.  It is what I usually do to our refried beans, only called a dip. 
However, the point of this comment is the chips I bought.  Doug and I were walking down the row to the tortilla chips (on Saturday night, AFTER the (sad) game) when I stopped because I SMELLED tortilla chips.  Of course, we got those. 
They did not disappoint.  Everyone commented on how good they were.  They tasted like what you are brought in some Mexican restaurants.  They may or may not be higher in fat/calories.  I chose not to check.  (JUANITA'S TORTILLA CHIPS   manufactured by DOMINGUEZ FAMILY ENTERPRISES, in Hood River, Oregon)

Highly recommend these tortilla chips.
$2.18 at my local WINCO

Although it looks wrong... I wonder why "REJOICE" is not spelled "REJOYCE"?

Hilary was looking for a particular talk on line.  I found it quicker in the actual magazine :)

Speaking of magazines (well, actually books), I was watching Doug read on his Ipod last night.  He used a finger to move down the "page".  Yuk. 
I love real books.  I love to hold them, and turn the pages.  I like to see how many pages there are.  And go back to look at the author's picture in the back cover and...
For his birthday Doug wanted a book that was 50% cheaper to buy for the Ipod  (also could be bought immediately).  But now I can't read it.  Or at least don't want to read it in that format.  Want to know what books I have been reading?  Just click on my "Pinterest" (right side of my blog) and check out my "Books I have read...and liked" board.

Want easier access to one of my recipes?  Just let me know which one and I will put it on my "Recipes I like" board.

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Emily said...

I am one of those on the ebook bandwagon. I LOVE electronic reading! It makes it so much easier! It is backlit so easier to see... I can change the font size... It is easier to hold... I can download and read pretty much anything instantly... I can have a book on my phone and iPad so it is always with me... In my mind the only drawback is it is harder to lend books to other people.

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