Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This was an accidental, impulse purchase. 
I saw it at the beauty supply place that I go to to get perms...  They had them on the counter and I looked at one.  The clerk told me all about it, so, I will tell you.

This is a glass nail file.  You use the clear end to file.  And, IT LASTS FOREVER! 
After a few times of filing my nails, you just wash it.  With water.  Then dry it and it is ready for the next time. 
I have had mine for about 4 years.  I have never broken mine.  I keep a cardboard emery board in my wallet and in my travel stuff.  Other than that, this is all I use.  I have not bought emery boards in years.
The price varies by size.  The tiny 3 in. one is $5.00.  Mine is 5 1/4 in. and is $8.00.  (They do have longer ones and other colours.)

And so is the one that I AM GIVING AWAY TODAY.
To celebrate my 200th post I am giving away something every day this week to a follower of my blog.

And the lucky winner is ...#33...Jay and Danielle!!!
Leave a comment telling me how to contact you BY SATURDAY, 7 May.

I am visiting The Thrifty Home's Party with my idea.  I appreciate her hosting.  Again :)

Tommorrow I will "" a Princess Clippie (+) from BITS AND PIECES.


Sweet Little Smoothie said...

I've never seen this type of file - but I go through nail files like crazy! I'm going to have to hunt one down! Thanks for sharing the tip!!

Amber Victoria's Cottage said...

What a great find. Everyone needs the perfect nail file.

Jay and Danielle said...

Sweet! I hardly ever win anything! Thanks so much! You can give it to my mom (Dorene) at church and she will get it to me, or you can email me at or

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