Thursday, October 14, 2010


#1  In reviewing my bills we found that our electric bill was double with an AC over a swamp cooler.  Our comfort was worth it.

#2  My cat, Lightning, usually has a hairball on her corner of our bed, about once a month.  In three day in September she had three.  THAT'S a lot of laundry.

#3  September 29th was my 1 year blogiversary  :D  I think I have been pretty consistent.

#4  In September Lindsay and David celebrated their 5th anniversary.  Charles and Elana celebrated their 3rd anniversary.

#5  I am saving money by not reading the Sunday ads.  (Time, too.)

#6  I am reading a Scottish book and love some of the differences.  In Scotland, "organization" is spelled "organisation".  I am glad we keep z busy.

#7  SPIDER FACE- I love this phrase.  We heard this (actually I did not hear it) from Michael Scott on the "OFFICE".  It stems from the phrase, "Cutting off your nose, to spite your face" :)
There was an incident a few months ago where for some reason I was not going swimming.  (I can not remember why.  Dumb, huh?)  I said to my girls, "Yea, I know.  I have a spider face."  One started laughing and said she had been thinking that, too.
Another time I mentioned to a daughter that she had a spider face.  The funny phase has has made it easier to see our fault - and fix it.   (Family Journal Entry-Summer 2010)

I will post a THURSDAY THROW BACK dinner recipe tomorrow or Saturday.


Matt and Carolyn said...

Love that you have so many things to be happy about:) Can't wait to hear how the "black bean cake" turns out haha. My husband is dying for me to make a chocolate cake...

Lindsay Quinney said...

I love "spider face" too. It cracks me up!

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