Wednesday, October 13, 2010


3 October - 10 October, 2010

"If you have integrity and love you have all of the great virtues."  Lowell Bennion

#1  A home alone Monday.

#2  We had a great play date visiting the WITCHES at Gardner Village.  (Took our lunch, and spent NO money:)

#3  Organized the storage room because...

#4  ...Macey's case lot sales make me happy.

#5  I am so happy /thankful that we live in a time with medical knowledge.  What an amazing time we live in.  I am sad that we do not know it all.   I am especially grateful for antibiotics.

#6  The other night Doug was channel hopping.  It was just a glimpse, but I instantly recognized it.  "STOP.  Go Back!"  I was right.   L&O, U.K. (LAW AND ORDER, UNITED KINGDOM :)   Yep, another dose of my comfort show.    (On BBC on Friday nights)

#7  I decided not to go to the Antique Show.  (I did not want to spend money.)

#8  BYU WON!  Happiness reigns at our house.

#9  Sunday dinner at Mom and Dad's house.  Last big family BBQ of the summer.  Easy dinner, but sad to loose summer.

#10 "Live within your harvest"  (I liked this thought.) I am happy about all of our fresh tomatoes and zucchini.  I will miss them.    Doug and David did a good job on their gardens.

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