Friday, October 22, 2010



This was not my idea!  I found it while I was out visiting.  I love antique/vintage and was excited to make it.
I originally saw the idea at  (I CORRECTED THIS LINK.  SORRY.) on her 20 Sept., 2010 post.  She shared the link to the vintage look printable Halloween pictures from   I am enjoying this bright (and not scary/gross/creepy) and cheerful idea. 

I made my circles different than they were done in the tutorial.  First find cute Halloween scrapbook paper.  I used what I already had  :)   I cut my paper into rectangles.  4x8 and 6x12.  I free folded it into a fan, with thin folds.  Then I folded the fan in 1/2 and wrapped jute (wire, fish, staples will also work) tight around the centre.
Put double stick tape or your favourite adhesive to one edge of the fan, and pull edges together to form fan 1/2.  (My favourite is SOOKWANG.  I buy the 1/2 inch size and tear it in half.  I buy it at HEARTLAND PAPER COMPANY with a coupon :) 
Repeat on the other side to make your circle.  Then I glue gunned the cute pumpkin (from the above web site) that my sweet daughter (Leslie) printed for me. 
I wrapped the sticks with electrical tape (You could paint them, but it sounded too messy.).  I glued the sticks on the back and "planted them in a container from the garage (that belonged to an unnamed kidult) that I spray painted black.  The floral foam and moss were from the dollar store. 
So cute.
Thank-you, Lindsay for putting my pictures in squares :) 
Thank-you, KRISTYN, for sharing.

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Lindsay Quinney said...

I love this! It turned out so cute!

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