Saturday, September 25, 2010


I knew it was going to be a very busy week but... I had no idea it would take me until Saturday to write my "10 Things...".

13 September - 19 September, 2010
#1  (Not in any order.)  I am happy that I don't have my talk at the Relief Society camp out looming over me.  IT'S DONE:)
The drive was more twisty (and more into the sun) than I had hoped it would be.  We decided to not spend the night, and so had a full car to bring down from the campsite that night.  (I don't think any of them noticed that my AC does not blow out.)
Thank-you so much sweet Leslie, for going with me.  And for keeping an eye out for deer on the drive home.  (And thank-you Hilary and Leslie for helping me do my sign when we did that.)

#2  After Elana's birthday dinner 2 Sundays ago (Cafe Rio style salads) I had enough pork, rice... left to make burritos for Monday's dinner for us, Charles and Elana, and Lindsay and David. 

#3  We had Emily's birthday dinner on Sunday.  She picked my Ice Cream Crunch for her "birthday Cake".  The happy thing about Ice Cream Crunch is that it brings everyone home for dinner.  (Unlike fish, which we also had ;) (with steak).)  (Hey.  Have I given you my recipe for cashew pelof?  Emily hates potatoes, so that was one of her side dishes.)
Thanks Lindsay for putting them together and freezing them at your house.  For the recipe, see the August 23, 2010 post.

#4 For the past 2 weeks we have had out play dates at Wheeler Farm.  I love that place.  I love play dates.
#5  Swimming.  (Was it the last time this summer:(

#6  Three days a week Layne comes to my house after kindergarten.  Lindsay, Logan and I walk to pick him up, and then walk back to Lindsay's apartment.  (Not her apt. for long:)  It 1/2 mile each way, so we are walking an extra 3 miles a week.  (I really enjoy destination walking.)

#7  I bought 5 new patio chairs on clearance at Lowe's.  Yea.  More seating for Sunday/summer outside eating.

#8  Leslie has been doing some hunting/finding/bidding/buying on eBay.  (I pay and am HAPPY to write what I've gotten on Christmas done list ;)

#9  "Family Fun" (Disney magazine-filled with crafts, seasonal ideas, recipes, travel ideas...)  makes me happy.  I think I will ALWAYS get this magazine. 

#10  I am working on a fun idea with Layne and Logan.  Remember the peanut butter, jam and banana burrito sandwich?  The french toasted pnut butter and jam sandwich?  After I post the picture and recipe on my blog, I have the picture or pictures printed.  We are using them to make a "photo album cookbook.  Soon we will have enough pictures for the boys to pick their lunches for the week.  They are having fun helping me on this project.  (I will have another lunch recipe next week.)

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