Monday, September 13, 2010



#1  I have been cutting Doug's hair since we started dating. 
When Grandma (Alice) Johnson died, Mom asked that Doug get his hair cut professionally.  She paid.  He did.  Turned out she could not tell a difference :), and I kept cutting his hair. 
So, 33 years at an average of at least 12 haircuts a year = 396 hair cuts.  I love that head.

#2  About 8 months ago I moved all my oils/sprays to 1 place in the pantry.  I have heard that something becomes a habit after 1 month.  Why do I keep going to the spice cupboard (after 8 months) for the cooking sprays?

#3  I really love my PAMPERED CHEF pineapple cutter.  (And we love grilled pineapple.  Naked or with brown sugar.)  I decided to try my PC cutter against the grocery store screw in kind.   I looked at it at and it looked flimsy.  Then I remembered that Kate said hers kept breaking.  I decided to save my $10.00.  Cash! 

#4  A few weeks ago I served wraps.  I had bought wrap bread.  I was surprised that it was not good.  I think tortillas (white or Sam's Club wheat) are much better.  And cheaper.

#5  I know QUINEA (Like a grain, but related more to beets and spinach) is very healthy.  I keep trying it, but have not found a way we (I) like it.  I have tried pilafs, breakfast cereals...  I think I am giving up on it.  I love bulgar wheat.  Love rices. Like couscous.

#6  Remember "LEMISHINE"?  I found another use for it.  I put about 1 teaspoon in my indoor and outdoor fountains.  It really helped to get rid of hard water deposits so the fountains run very smooth.

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Lindsay Quinney said...

That is so funny that you keep going to the cupboard for the cooking spray! And I need to pick up some Lemishine for myself.

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