Wednesday, September 29, 2010


19 September - 26 September, 2010

"Being of good cheer makes it possible for us to turn all of our sunsets into sunrises."  Elder Marvin J. Ashton (1986)

#1  I almost always enjoyed Ann Cannon's column in the Deseret News on Mondays.  Sometimes I love it.  (I even have a few saved.  The one about going to church with her Dr. Pepper and slippers.  The one about the boy she was dating and the family reunion...)  (One time I bought and read a book only because she wrote the intro.)
Anyway, I loved her column on Monday.  It was titled, "Little lists are insurance against blues".  (Deseret News, 20 September, 2010)  It made me like her more.  She does happy lists like me :)  (Also, she loves the Hamish books by M. C. Beaton.  SO DO I! :)

#2  On Monday we went to IKEA for a lunch play date.  I had never been there before.  Lunch was fun for the kids.  The store "tour" was o.k. 

#3  It made me really happy to plan my get away with Doug.  As it turned out, Doug did not sleep well.  And he had forgotten his work computer at home.  We really like our bedroom.  So, we went back home.  It was a great idea.  Just bad timing.  Doug starts long long hours at work this week (and weekends, too) as he works on year end reports.  Luckily planning makes me happy.

#4  Emily planned a family activity for Wednesday night.  It was my first visit to "Incredible Pizza Company".  She bought 1/2 price coupons at one of the deal websites.  Without any discount coupons, but using their current specials it cost $200.00.  This was dinner for 7 adults and 3 children and 1 free 2 year old.  (There is still some money left on the game cards.)  The current special is $30.00 for unlimited food and attractions (lazer tag, race cars, bowling...) and a $20.00 arcade game card.  An adult buffet is currently $8.99, and games and/or attractions can be bought with the game cards.
"Incredible Pizza Company" is a chain, with a local location in Draper (UT.)  It has an all you can eat buffet (pizza, nachos, hot dogs, ice cream, cookies, mac and cheese, salad bar...).
It is also an entertainment centre.  There are video game, laser tag, glow in the dark miniature golf, mini bowling alley, bumper cars, race cars... 

The food is at best, o.k.  The kids LOVE the choices.
It was so fun to watch the kids enjoy the games.  So fun.  (There were also a couple of chances to talk about good sportsmanship.)

There are themed dining rooms.  We ate in the 60s style "family room".  There is also a high school lunch room, a drive-in theatre room and a Route 66 diner room.)
Thank-you for planning it, Emily.  It was a fun night.  Thank-you Emily and Hilary for getting the discount coupons.

#5  On Thursday Paula called Wendy to tell Wendy to call me to tell me that Friday was "THE WESLEY BELL RINGER"S SALE".  Woo Hoo.  (One of my favourites.)  Thank-you for wanting to go with me, Leslie.  Thank-you, Paula.  Thank-you, Wendy.

#6  I went to the Women's Broadcast at the church on Saturday.  (I went alone because most of my family went to the BYU football game.  Another loss:(
It was an excellent meeting.  I did not want to go.  It was going to be on TV later that night.  My family was going to watch it (and did) on Sunday evening.  Plus I had pajamas on.  I felt like I should go, so I did.  Sister Beck spoke about how difficult it is to participate in any religion in some countries.  There are the problems of transportation and distance, but also many dangers.  I live only 1 mile (exactly) from our church.  I will appreciate more the ease and comfort in which I am able to worship.
I am so thankful I went to the meeting.   I truly felt like I left having grown spiritually.  I was very thankful I had gone.  Great meeting.

#7  After watching Women's Conference on Sunday, we watched "Amazing Race".  Yes.  The new season started this week.  We have picked our teams.  My team is TEAM GLEE.  Through out the season we will watch this together and eat foods from the countries they visit, as we learn more about the different countries.  Fun family time.

#8  Leslie made Sunday dinner (since Doug and I would have been gone).  So happy.  And I did not have to clean up :)

#9  I am happy I have a van.  I drove some friends to the camp out last weekend.  This week I received a note and $10.00 gas money in "an unmarked envelope".  With a little help ;) I was able to return it.  I have always been so grateful that we have been able to have a van.  I know that we have been blessed because we will share it.
It has been, and will be busy this week as Lindsay and David move.  Yea!

#10  I have waited 6 weeks for this picture to go on sale at Savers.  (It is huge.)  (Every week a different colour tag is 1/2 price.  The tag was purple.  I call to find out what colour is on sale that week.)  It was originally $30.00, and I wanted it for a project.  Finally it was on sale this week, and I bought it for $15.00.  (If I had waited until the next Monday it would only have been $1.00.  I did not want to risk it selling.)

Next week I'll show you why I wanted it.  (Clue-Not for the picture ;)   


Lindsay Quinney said...

Incredible Pizza was so fun! Logan absolutely loves it there. The first time we went the buffet was a lot better than the second time. Also, why would the picture have only been a dollar?

Emily said...

We all had lots of fun! I'm so glad everyone wanted to come to my activity and that the Linc and the girls could come too!

Emily said...

I just got an email that the new special for Incredible Pizza is 12.99 for unlimited food and attractions for 4 hours. That's a great deal!

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