Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just a few ideas and thoughts from May.

When my children were in elementary  and middle school, we were always on the look-out for science fair projects. 
O.K., I never quit.  When Logan was born we started measuring Doug's ear every new year.  It seems that men's ears grow, so we decided we would collect the data for grand kids science projects.
One year Mark did all of his science project during the summer.  We set out to "Confirm, Bust or Plausible" (Myth-Busters)  the "crickets chirping the temperature"  theory.  Every night at 10:oo p.m., he counted chirps during 1 minute (for 1 week).  He did the math to get predicted temperature, and then checked our yard thermometer.  We drove to a nearby bank and read their electronic temp.  He also called the "time and Temp" number, and watched the 10:oo weather.  He had all the data (and an iron cricket boot jack;) ready for school science experiment time.
Why am I telling you this?  I have a summer experiment we are trying.  It is simple, and cheap.  Start with this;

The info. is on the "noisy" package of Sun Chips.  "They" say the bag will bio-degrade in about 3 months.  The projected outcome is on the bag. 
First, we'll eat the SUN CHIPS.  Then, we are burying the empty bag in a pot of dirt.  (We will put some basil in too.)  We will water and care for the Basil - and dig up the bag every few weeks for pictures.  (Documentation needed for good grade.)  The projected results are on the bag of SUN CHIPS.  Easy summer project even if your kids don't need a science fair project.

I have had a couple of people ask me about making this.  Or buying it.  I am not a fan of it, so I have never made it. (Creme Fraiche is a very creamy soured cream.  It is pronounced crem fresh.)  The process of making it takes a couple of days.  Do you want/need some ready made?  In the Salt Lake valley I know of 2 places that carry it.  (I am SURE there are more.  Hilary thinks she saw some at a Super Walmart.)  I have seen it at "The Store" in Holladay (Aisle 8), and Harmon's (near the cheese deli - $5.99/8 oz.)  Be sure you call before going out of your way to get it.  Creme Fraiche is is perishable.  Hopes this helps.

Do you have one of these? 
(A small thermometor.  Mine is a vintage teapot.)
Summer is a good time to make sure your fridge is keeping your food fresh and safe.  I just put the thermometer in different parts of the fridges throughout the week.  Here is what you are looking (hoping) for:

FRIDGE  41*  (36^-46*)

Great time to clean the back and bottom of your fridge, too.

I discovered this by accident when we had a "neighborhood disaster" (simulated) a few summers ago.  The goal (we added some of our own challenges) was to not go to a store for 1 week, not use water (except for bathing/cleaning), no utilities...
I loved the experience.  Doug enjoyed it.  Kidults "moved out of the affected area".
There are some things I learned.

A.  We have tons of light sources.  Lanterns, flashlights w/ lots of batteries, candles...  HELLO!  It was the middle of summer.  Lanterns and candles give off heat.  So, I discovered solar lights.  Leave them in the yard for the day and bring them in for the night.  They give off great light and I just set them upside down on a counter.  Now I have several just set in a pot outside for candles.

B.  We had lots of flashlight.  But every time I ran downstairs for something... I had to run back up for a flashlight.  As soon as we got the "disaster all clear" (the week was over) I bought several small but powerful flashlights that we can wear around our necks.  They are hanging on lanyards in closets.

C. We have several 2 1/2 gallon - 5 gallon thermos'.  We filled these with water and put them at each sink for hand washing and drinks/cooking.

I would love it if you shared a preparedness tip that you like.  FYI - I did record things to watch after the "disaster".  And, we ran the swamp cooler.  We had to.

People keep asking me why some posts are deleted by blog author.  Yep.  That's me.  Sometimes I get a posted Asian comment.  When I click on it, there are inappropriate pictures (I can not read the word) so, delete.  I won't advertise for them.    


Emily said...

I don't understand the chip package project... Are you showing how it biodegrates? (Or whatever the word would be for the package breaking down)

sdas said...
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