Tuesday, June 8, 2010

10 THINGS THAT MADE ME HAPPY THIS WEEK! and a little contest

"A home without books is a body without a soul."  Cicero

Easy week to find 10 things :)

#1  I am reading "Small Island".  Not captivated, yet, but...  Leslie has put me on the hold list at the library for a new John Grisham book.  I love it when I have a stack of books I want to read. 
I am looking for the perfect book to take to the beach house for our Newport trip.  (I have 2 "back-up books.)  THE HELP would have been great except, #1 prefer paperback for beach/trips,  #2  must own book for trip/beach.  Other criteria for perfect book - hard to put down, BUT easy to put away because there are so many other things to do besides read on the beach.  Characters I like, and new era or location is good.  Not too long, but for sure not short.  I like mysteries, but Agatha Christy types. (Later this week I will share my current favourite.)  Already done the "Rabbi" books, "The Cat Who..." books, and Margaret Truman Washington, D C books.  (I have all but 1 of them.)  Also read all John Grisham.
I do not like the BONES books (weird, huh?), Patricia Cornwell, and the "A is for..." series.  (I do not like violence, gore, vulgarity, swearing or seriel killers)  I do book series (I get comfortable.)  I have not tried any cooking mysteries.
If you come up with my perfect trip book you will win a summer prize.  JJust post your suggestions on the most recent post.  And, thank-you.

#2  Michael and Kate had a big family BBQ/swim party for Memorial Day.  I was really tired from my week-end with my sisters, so Doug and I stayed home.  Just the two of us for the whole evening.  It was so quiet and nice.  We watched "Bones".

#3  Emily brought Pizza Hut pizza home for dinner on Tuesday.  (Emily ordered it and paid.  Leslie picked it up.)  Since the new oven is not in, it was GREAT!

#4  I went swimming for play group on Wednesday.  I love swimming at Kate and Michael's pool.  I really love it.  Thank-you, Michael and Kate.

#5  Over the course of the week (really tired and pulled my back) Doug rubbed my back (not exaggerating) for FIVE hours.  (He kept track ;)  Thank-you, dear.

#6  Book club always makes me happy.  It de-stresses me.  (Five of us read "The Help".  Four (including me) really liked it.  One did not.)

#7  Friday I hosted my estate sale/yard sale lunch.  I served My Favourite Taco Salad (See last Throw Back Thursday) and a pasta salad.  For dessert I made one of my favourite summer desserts, Margarita Key Lime Pie (see recipe below),  and Lindsay cooked my peanut butter brownies, as cupcakes, for me.  (I made the cupcake dishes.)

#8  I bought "Caruso Steam" curlers.  My hair will not hold a curl between perms.  This works great for me.  (Still practicing.)  The funny thing is that when Leslie saw them she told me she used to have some years ago.  To bad I did not try them then.

#9  We celebrated Ashley's birthday on Sunday.  She picked waffles... and bacon.  (I added fruit and juice and made my blueberry syrup from last week.)  We are so glad to have Ashley in our family.

#10  Yard sales make me happy.  They are my treasure hunts.  Leslie went with me on Saturday.  First we went to Ashley's sister's cheer sale.  I found a great old piece of furniture.  Leslie figured out where I could put it, so I bought it.  (My rule.) It is in my laundry room.
Then, we found out it was the CRANBERRY HILLS NEIGHBORHOOD sale.  Whoo Hoo!  Other than sunburn, we had a great time.  Now I have my beach chair ($2.oo)

Margarita Key Lime Pie
From Susanna Johnson - my mother-in-law

1 1/4 crushed pretzels - not pulverized, but very small pieces and crumbs
1/4 cup sugar
6 table. melted butter

1 pack UNsweetened lemon-lime KOOL-AID
1/2 cup KEY LIME juice There is a picture of what I use on the Throwback Thurs. Key Lime Bundt cake recipe.)
1 container COOL WHIP (8-12 oz.)

Crust - Mix the pretzel crumbs, sugar and butter.  Press into bottom and up the sides of your pie dish.

Filling - Stir until well mixed, sweetened condensed milk, dry kool-aid and lime juice.  Fold in the cool whip.  Fill the crust and freeze.  Remove from freezer when ready to serve.  This is a nice cool summer dessert.  Thank-you, mom.
Crummy picture, I know.  But great pie.  And I don't care for lime or sour.


欣怡 said...
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淑怡 said...
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Lindsay Quinney said...

That pie is very good. I cannot believe dad rubbed your back for 5 hours! How was his arm not dying?

Emily said...

I have not talked to a single person that did not like Hunger Games...

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