Tuesday, June 12, 2012


12 June, 2012

"Take the first step in faith.  You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."
                                                                           Martin Luther King Jr.

Can I just reappear with no other explanation other than I have been busy?  (I know.  We all are :)

  A couple of months ago I was preparing for Summer and came up with an idea/activity.
Thru the years we have periodically changed BBQ sauces as we have tried new ones.  (Not too often.)  We really like the bottled sauce we use now.  SO, I decided to try a  BBQ sauce experiment as part of our big Sunday dinner.  (We also had my Uncle and Aunt in town that night on their way to the MTC.)
  I started by buying 5 BBQ sauces.  They were ones that we had used before, or another family member had used before or I had good things about.  I bought bottles that were about the same size, and all were the original flavour.  Then I "brown bagged" each sauce with a lunch bag and jute, and numbered them from 1-5.
  The activity was a hit.  Everyone tried, commented and voted :)
  These were the 5 that I bought.  (I listed them on a card in alphabetical order.) 
#1 Bull's Eye
#2 Famous Dave's
#3 KC Masterpiece
#4 Open Pit
#5 Sweet Baby Ray's

There were about 20 people for dinner that day.  When all was said and done, I was surprised by the results.  The one we use was by far the winner.  Her are our results.
#2  KC Masterpiece
#3  Bull's Eye (We used to use this.
#4  Open Pit
#5  Famous Dave's (My Aunt liked this one best, and this is what they use :)  We liked it the least.)

It was an easy and fun way to start the BIG BBQ season. 
We would love to hear which BBQ sauce you use.
Happy Grilling:)


Leslie said...

That was fun. I had a plate just for my sauce. I am a Sweet Baby Ray's all the way for sure!

Lindsay Quinney said...

Sweet Baby Ray's is definitely the best BBQ sauce!

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