Friday, June 22, 2012


22 June, 2012

  I have been hesitant to post these recipes since I have no pictures.  It was Sunday dinner.  It was baby back ribs.  What can I say.  They were eagerly waited for and I was busy.
  Having said that, I tried 2 new baby back rib recipes and waited for reviews.  Both recipes received rave reviews.  For different reasons.
  This recipe is made in a crock pot and adapted from  I often use a crock pot lining bag, but did not use it for this recipe because of how the ribs are set up in the crock pot.
CROCK POT BABY BACK RIBS (There are 2 steps to this.) 
(barely adapted from mmmisformommy)
Step 1
Mix and rub onto ribs
1 1/2 table. paprika
1 table. brown sugar
1/8 tea. cayenne pepper
1 tea. salt
1 tea. pepper
Spray crock pot and put
about 2 pounds baby back ribs in as described
"Arrange ribs by standing them up against the side of the crock pot walls with THICKER SIDE DOWN and MEATY SIDE TO POT WALL. 
Pour over the top of the ribs
1 cup of Sweet Baby Ray's prepared BBQ sauce.  (Or your own personal favourite ;)

Cook on low 6-8 (7) hours.

Step 2
Line a cookie sheet with foil and put a rack in.  Put the meat on the rack. 
Brush the meat with more Sweet Baby Ray's.
Broil 3-4 minutes.
Turn the ribs over and brush with MORE sauce.  Broil about 9 minutes, basting 2 more times. 
(I was not ever compensated by SWEET BABY RAY'S.)

The reviews on this were great.  Everyone loved the "flavourful fall off the bones meat"  HUGE HIT.
(Sorry about no picture.)
I will post the other one next week, as well as a 4th Of July project, What I Buy Wednesday and a summer kids idea.
Have a great week-end :)


Lindsay Quinney said...

I really loved both kinds of ribs. They were both fall off the bone delicious!!

Emily said...

The ribs were yummy! Glad you are posting regularly again:)

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