Wednesday, February 29, 2012


On weekends I like to make fast and easy dinners.

Monte Cristo sandwiches are a favourite of ours (Blue Bayou - mmmm) so I put them on my menu for Friday.  The ingredients are simple.

An eggy bread is traditional (I bought "Great Grains Bakery SWEET HAWAIIAN bread at Winco.  It is under $1.50, easy to find and works great.)
eggs (I used 4)
milk (about cup)
2 table. biscuit mix
thinly sliced ham (lunch meat type)
thinly sliced turkey (")
sliced swiss cheese
melted butter

I made the basic sandwich earlier in the day.  (Layer slice of bread, slice of cheese, ham, slice of cheese, turkey, slice of cheese, bread.)  I flatten them just a bit and wrap up to use later.  (I got that idea from IKEA.) 

I cooked my Monti Cristo sandwiches on my Hamilton Beach (George Forman style) grill that is really my panini press.  (I love it.  A LOT)  I like this particular grill for several reasons. 
1. It is level (does not slant down).
2. REMOVABLE GRILL PLATES (Very easy to clean)
3. Reasonably small for storage.
4 Easy to find at thrift stores.

I set the timer for the grill to heat (5 mins.) and mix the eggs and milk.
I whisk in the biscuit mix and melt the butter in the microwave.
Using a silicone brush to almost generously brush both grill plates.
I quick dip the sandwich in the batter (both sides), put it on the grill and close it.
(It takes about 3-5 mins. per sandwich.)

I serve them with powdered sugar and jam on the side.  This weekend I served  Lingonberry jam that I picked up at Ikea this week. 
Closer that DISNEYLAND and cheaper than BLUE BAYOU.  (Missed the experience and the fireflies, though.)
(For a "closer to Disneyland", but less healthy and more time consuming, I use this recipe.)

(I don't know how to turn the pic.  Sorry.)


Pollyanna said...

My sister loves these, but I had not had one until her birthday lunch last summer. Sounds Yummy!!

Leslie said...

They were yummy!

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