Tuesday, December 29, 2009


20 December - 27 December, 2009

"Real joy comes as we show the love and compassion inspired by the Savior of the world." President Thomas Monson

#1 Our family had a wonderful Christmas. It was happy, peaceful and filled with gratitude. I am especially thankful for the help of my daughters. As we worked on opportunities for family service there was much generosity, both of money and time. Some shopped and bought. Many times someone brought home something I requested or something they found, and as I went to pay them, they said not to worry about it. They had it. They wrapped and delivered. They ran errands. We were truly a family team. Thank-you family for a great Christmas season.

#2 Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grandma's was so nice. What a blessing family and traditions are. We had dinner, the talent show (both Layne and Logan sang "Jingle Bells"-separately. SO CUTE!) The grandchildren presented the story of Christ's birth to the adults. Santa came and did a great job. He knew all the kids names. A wonderful evening.

#3 Everyone met at our house for Christmas breakfast. It was great. I tried 4 new recipes. Sugared bacon, coconut syrup, cinnamon syrup and a Merry Berry syrup. Along with waffles (so we could try the syrup) eggnog, fruit salad and juice, we had our traditional Blueberry Pecan French Toast (a real favourite). The voting on the new recipes was funny. Everyone was thumbs down on ALL of the new ones. (Doug did like the coconut syrup.) We all thought my traditional Blueberry maple syrup was the best. I will make that for New Year's Day. (As usual,just email if you want the recipe for the make-ahead Blueberry French Toast and the blueberry maple syrup.)

#4 On the first day after Christmas I spent the day in my pajamas (as I do any day that I am not going out in the winter) making some of the fun Christmas ideas that I had run out of time to do. One of my favourite sites this season has been http://www.heartlandpaper.com/ I have enjoyed making their paper ornaments. I also found fun ideas at their store. (I am making their Peppermint Kiss Brownies for New Year's Eve.) The ornaments in my picture (left to right) are Vintage ball (Heartland), Old Fashioned Candy (Heartland), Pointed Star (Heartland), Folded Ornament (Heartland), and Teardrop (one section of snowflake-from The Book Table and Cosmo Cricket on Studio 5). The glass ones are (l to r) the pearl and button one from http://www.decoretoadore/ and one with sand and shells inside to remind you of Christ who walked the shores of Galilee (idea from local "Festival of Trees") It was a FUN after Christmas craft day.

#5 While doing my morning carpool on Wednesday I saw a car with a candy cane "topper". I LOVED IT. Doug helped (o.k. let) me find a candy cane so I could make one. Since I made it and put it on the car on Christmas Adam, I will keep it on until January 4th. (Unless the kidults complain too much.)

#6 I am so happy that Doug has been and will be home the whole week after Christmas!

#7 My slow cooker recipe this week was great! A real favourite. I cooked a turkey breast in my crock pot. It was moist and tender. I used the recipe from http://prudencepennywise.blogspot.com/ The only bad thing about this recipe is that you can buy a whole turkey for what a turkey breast costs. But, you know how it is. A whole turkey is work and this breast was not. I will watch for turkey breast sales.

#8 Our Sacrament meeting on Sunday was an excellent meeting. Both talks given were timely and well done. I felt blessed for having heard them.
#9 I am happy we have our little grandson, Logan. Sunday was his 2nd birthday. We really love him. We had his birthday dinner @ our house. Chili dogs and corn.

#10 Yea! I have 1o SUPER Followers. I will do a give-away this week-end, and announce the winner next week when I do my blog. If you are a signed in follower (and not my kidult), you are entered in the blog give-away. You will have a CHOICE between 2 prizes. (Sign in and tell me which one you think you would like to win:)

#1 K & C CO. Paper Ornaments Book-See description and pictures on 8 December blog

#2 A Star Ice Lantern Mold. This is from the Gardener"s Supply Catalouge. It is a star shaped plastic mold. You fill it with water (could include berries or boughs...) and freeze. There is a space for a candle/tea light or a fake tea light. It can

be used as part of a table scape, centre of a punch bowl or as a luminary.

I will deliver or mail the choice to the lucky winner. Thanks for playing.


MaryBeth said...

I'm a follower. I have no idea how to sign up so hopefully I can keep following until I get this figured out.

MaryBeth said...

Got it figured out! The Star Ice Lantern mold looks fun. Where do you find all these cute ideas?

tracey said...

When I heard about this blog (not knowing what a blogspot was), I thought that it was a list. Boy was I wrong. This is a wonderful, wonderful history and showing of appreciation to the world. With the rush of people moving to get from one place to another and to higher, seemingly, new heights, this cite is the sweetest portrayal of the importance of family, life, love, communication with loved ones, The Savior, showing appreciation, etc., etc., that I have ever seen. (Thank you)
Adding to that thought, I want those reading this comment to know that I truly am blessed to have such wonderful sisters and brothers, and equally wonderful nieces and nephews. I have never heard the term kidadults, but I love the kidadults in our families. You are all very special to Aunt Tracey and to me.
Thank you Michelle for sharing of yourself. The world is truly a better place because you are living in it, and doing things to make a difference in both large and small ways. Thank you to all the kidadults in Michelle's life for giving your mother and aunt something to share and/or write about. Thank you Doug for your unwaivering support, love, and leadership that you provide on a constant basis. I truly love you all. Michael & Tracey/Uncle Michael & Aunt Tracey

tracey said...

I woke up in the middle of the night to read these blogs. I typed a comment at about 4 A.M., but could not get it to work or post. When Jenna-chan began helping me, it took her about 30 seconds. Go figure...

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