Tuesday, December 15, 2009

6 December - 13 December, 2009

"The cool thing about having a path is that even when you get lost, it's still there waiting for you to find your way back." Earl-April 2009

#1 When I heard this quote, I thought of the gospel teachings that are always there. Always the best way, the right way and the safest way. How thankful I am that faith and testimony provide that security. BUT, I used the quote this week because I am so happy I have my super Christmas book. (Well, actually I am happy I have lots of Christmas books. I simply must add to my collection each year-and then get rid of a few. Journal thought- My very favourite Christmas story is the one from my childhood. "Davey and the First Christmas. (I actually have it memorized.) I've had a black and white copy from my childhood that I used for my children. Then, I found a REAL copy @ Savers about 10 years ago. I cried. Then, ebay came along and I have found a few more copies of my cherished favourite story.)

Back to MY Christmas book. It is an organizer/calender/notebook/idea book with pockets for reciepts/pictures/ideas... I work all year on Christmas. Being a huge fan of lists, my book makes me so happy. I have returned to the plan many times after I've finished the (fun) distracting new ideas I have found this year. (That's the reason my blog is late.)

#2 My AFB was a great hit again this week. (That's because I did a repeat of last weeks. ;) Pumpkin w/ dark chocolate chips.
My crockpot experience did not go as well. I made Sandra Lee's Mango Chipotle Pot Roast for Sunday dinner. It was only O.K. The problem with O.K. is that it needed about $5.oo of ingredients that I don't buy. And, my roast (recipe from Anne) is GREAT!! And simpler and cheaper-but cooked for 5 hours in the oven. (I still have a couple other crockpot roast recipes I will try when chuck roasts go on sale for under $2.oo a lb.)

#3 Thursday night television made me happy. So happy. I can live without the shows, but Doug rubbed my back for almost 1 1/2 hours. Thank-you so much, Honey.

#4 Doug and I had a nice date together on Friday when we went (with Leslie and Christie) to the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. It was very nice, but I have a video I made of last years that I watched. That was AMAZING! I will try to put it on DVD when it is rebroadcast on Christmas Eve, or I may have to buy it. I keep playing the video.

#5 I went to Paula's Christmas lunch on Friday. It was nice and fun to meet some new people and visit with old friends. We were invited to bring a special doll. I took Goldie #2 and Smiley.

(Journal thought- I love Smiley and Dog. I got Smiley when I was 1 year old and Dog soon after.I have always snuggled with Smiley when I cry. Even now I will pick him up if I am going to cry. (Smiley is the one thing that several of my children want when I die. That is how treasured he is.) (His face is plastic. I know his eyes look creepy in photos, but they are not.) Poor Dog is Smiley's best friend. They have always hung out together. He has lost both eyes and his mouth. Goldie was my sweet doll named after Goldie (the fish) on Captain Kangaroo. She had a 1 1/2 in cut in her neck. Goldie went lots of places with me, including, unfortunetly to Mormon Night @ Disneyland when I was about 8. Somehow she got lost (left?) on the Submarine ride. Honestly, I have no idea how my mom got me out of the park. My family can confirm that I am always "sure I can find it". I checked and re-checked the Sub. (I still check the Sub (O.K., Nemo's Sub, now.) I would not leave Lost & Found. I made my mom call for days. Still no Goldie. So someone (Santa? Parents? Who knows.) gave me a SIMILAR doll. She has never been Goldie, but she is o.k. My mom did make clothes for her.)

#6 I took dessert to Paula's lunch. I made Mint Truffle Brownies (recipe from Noelle who got it from Terri B.). My family loves these, so I doubled them for Sunday dessert. I also made Pumpkin Cake Pie Crunch. I made this for the first time about a month ago. After making this the 2nd time, I am changing from German Chocolate Cake to this for my birthday cake. I really like it. I got the recipe from my favourite food blog. http://www.ourbestbites.com/ They call it (the very boring) Easy Pumpkin Crumble. (I wish I knew how to put their button on my blog.)

#7 You spend years telling your chldren not to play with their food... then they grow up and entertain you? On Sunday Christie taught the kidults how to "POP" a whipped cream glob from your hand to your mouth. It hit the poppers. It hit the spectators. It hit the floor. Hilary did it the best. It makes me happy to see everyone having fun.

#8 My shower makes me happy. I so love hot showers in the dark with candles.

#9 I sold 1 of my listings on ebay. A vintage wool lamb.

#10 My goal (always has been) is to have EVERYTHING done and ready for Christmas by the night of December 18th. I am happy that it atleast feels like I will be done.

These are not in any order of things that make/made me happy. I am thankful for home and family. I am thankful for Jesus Christ and the gift given to us by Him and our Heavenly Father. I am thankful for the stability and security that the gospel offers if we follow the examples set for us.

As always, you are guaranteed a spot on my blog if you scrub my kitchen floor. Be sure to check last weeks blog for details on my first blog Give-Away.

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Lindsay Quinney said...

That story about your animals was cheesy, but will be great to have for family history. I am glad you wrote it down. So who does get smiley?

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