Tuesday, January 29, 2013

29 January, 2013 
"Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be."  unknown

With a big snow storm last night I am home for the day :)

  I was organizing my Wolf Cub Scout stuff and cleaning under my bed when I came across my husband's original scripture case.  His name is embossed on it.  He no longer needs it because he uses electronic scriptures (ipad).   So now what do I do with it???  (hmmm.  Wonder if there is some scout project?)
  Here is my thought.  I have my Grandma's Book Of Mormon that was given to her by her dad, my great grandpa, in 1939.  I have it displayed in my bedroom bookcase.

We have our great great great grandpa's medical book.  He bought it in 1891.  In 1893 he gave it to his grand daughter (our great grandma) who gave it to Grandma, who gave it to us.  I have it displayed in my living room.

I have the 1913 White House Cook Book.  In 1932 my great grandma gave it to my Grandma.  In 1962 my Grandma gave it to my Mom.  My mom gave it to me.  I am planning a way to display it in the kitchen.  (A bit harder to keep it protected there.)

Each of these books are signed as they are passed from generation to generation, from book lover or caretaker to book lover or caretaker.  I am one of those that treasures the bits of the past, my connection to unknown and known family that came before me.

I read real books and real newspapers and real scriptures (I know.  Electronic ones are real...) made from paper.   I love holding a book.  I love turning pages (and looking to see how many pages there are and how long "this" chaper is).   I love bookmarks (and have a lot:).  I love books and I love to read.  This is me.  

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