Monday, July 2, 2012


"Happiness is how you respond to Plan B."  Tillotson Family

  2 July, 2012

  I love holiday serving pieces and this basket is a fun one.

  In Better Homes and Gardens (July 2003) there was a flag painted wicker picnic basket (It was a For Sale item.) that I HAD to make.  The picture went into my Patriotic file (no Pinterest in those days ;).  I made it within the next few years (Should have dated it.  Atleast I still have the picture.)

  I had a vintage Red-Man Basket that was perfect.

  I started by by taping off the stripes and star background.  I used star stickers as reverse stencils and spray painted my blue background.  I used tape and plastic and spray paint to paint my red and white stripes.  I used a light coat of spray paint to let the original dimpled pattern remain defined, and very lightly stained it.
   I painted one handle blue (left one) and the other one red.  I finished it with a clear spray to protect it.  I re-spray it every spring.
  I keep it filled with paper/plastic plates, cups, silverware and napkins.  (I store the extras in the basket when I put things away in August.)

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Lindsay Quinney said...

That is such a cute basket. I love patriotic decor.

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